Product Activation | License Key Registration Request


Install the Software/Check for Updates

  • Download and install the software if it's not installed, or if you already have it installed, check the Downloads area monthly for available updates.
    For Add2Exchange users,if you're not running the current version, upgrade to the current build by following these short upgrade instructions
    NOTE: These short upgrade instructions do not apply if you're moving the Add2Exchange installation to a different replication machine/vm or if you're migrating Exchange to a newer version, or migrating to a different platform(Office 365, hosted Exchange) - open a ticket for a preflight consultation.

    You are eligible for updates and upgrades on the licensed solution for the duration of your software assurance subscription term – 1, 2, or 3 years depending on the option purchased. When you receive the license key email, your software assurance information is notated so save it for future reference.

Submit a License Registration Request

Applies to: licensed end users who recently purchased a new license and need to activate the app from trial mode, and to licensed end users who bought a software assurance renewal or upgrade/crossgrade license.  

  • Add2Exchange Enterprise/365 Editions registration request: Product Documentation Guide - Licensing Add2Exchange section

    To submit the license registration request, you would log on to the replication machine, open the Add2Exchange console and select the License menu option. Select the folder type being licensed, the length of software assurance term purchased. The license address is located in Step #2. Once you press Accept, the license request will be emailed to our Licensing Desk.  

If you need help submitting your registration requests for product activation, open a ticket online.

License Key Activation

Once your order is processed and license registration request is received and reviewed by our Licensing Desk, license keys will be emailed to the licensed end user. Save a copy of this email for your records since it contains your license key and software assurance subscription information. 

If you are licensing a value bundle, you will receive multiple emails. Each key sent is unique and specific to the folder type, module, and/or tool listed in the email. Each has its own different license key. Make sure you apply the correct license key in the corresponding module (Calendars, Contacts, etc).

NOTE: We have also automated the application of licenses so when you open the Add2Exchange Console or run the Add2Exchange Service, it will automatically license once you receive your license key emails. You must be running Add2Exchange (at least version) 21.1.xxxx.xxxx as of January 2019 to auto license for renewals.

Basic Email Support

Software assurance covers basic email support for the duration of your software assurance term (1, 2, or 3 years – depending on the option you selected). Basic email support does not cover third party product support, migrations, moves/reinstalling on new replication machine/vm, crossgrades, remote/phone support which require Premier Support.

  • Open a Ticket Online. Email support is handled in the order received, turnaround times vary depending on the number of support requests in the queue. 

Self Help Resources

Browse through this support site for helpful topics including Product Documentation Guides, knowledgebase,forums, FAQs, technical bulletins, or to initiate live chat when a Support attendant is available/online (or just leave us a message if we're not available). You can also access the Downloads area.

End Users with Premier Support or Annual Support

  • If you have time left on Premier Support or have a DidItBetter Annual Support service plan (both different from software assurance) and need to schedule a remote support session, open a ticket online to provide our Support team background on what you need help on – select I’m on Premier Support and need to schedule a session…’.  Sessions are scheduled in advance and held by appointment weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm ET (last appointment 4 pm ET), excluding holidays.

    We may also be able to accommodate weekday after hours requests when scheduled several days in advance (5 pm – 10 pm ET, last appointment at 7 pm ET). If you require priority remote support and haven’t scheduled an appointment, we will do our best to accommodate you within the same/next business day or first available appointment.
  • Preparing for your Remote Session: Review the Before Your Appointment and Initiating Your Appointment sections prior to your scheduled session if this is your first remote support session.

    If planning a migration/move, schedule a preflight tech phone consultation beforehand for planning and preparing for the DidItBetter Software (Add2Exchange, Add2Outlook) side of the migration.