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Add2Exchange Short Upgrade Instructions


Upgrading Add2Exchange does not remove or lose any settings. You must have valid software assurance or maintenance to get the upgrade for free and will be prompted during the upgrade. you can also open the Add2Exchange Console and review the Software Assurance dates in the title bar of each folder type.  If you are on or before that date, you can install the upgrade for free.  Also, During the installation, you will be prompted to accept, and told until when your free upgrade period is valid.

Upgrading Add2Exchange

To upgrade Add2Exchange yourself, log in as the replication service account (Zadd2Exchange is the default) to the replication server,
and right click and run the DidItBetter Support Menu.ps1 (as powershell) from desktop of the service account and select Upgrade Add2Exchange. 


Important Release Notice

Thank you for using our Add2Exchange Contacts/GAL sync or Sync Suite app. This notice applies to licensed end users who use the GAL Sync component in your organization.   

We have found a potential unhandled exception we have resolved and highly recommend the current released upgrade. The symptom would be long sync times for GAL. If your organization has not been upgraded or serviced since July 22, 2022, and you are within your free software assurance term, you are entitled to download and install this upgrade at no charge. If you need or want assistance, please reply for scheduling. If you are on Premier Support, have software assurance in place and we have a connection, we will upgrade you and no action is required. The upgrade can take less than 15 minutes with no users affected.

If you are to upgrade, log in as the Add2Exchange Service account and run the Didi better Support Menu.ps1 by right clicking and run as PowerShell. In the Upgrades options, there is a one button upgrade for Add2Exchange Enterprise, and this applies to all versions, on prem or 365.

Note: If that file does not exist, you must have an older installation (before Feb 2019) and would follow this older practice below. Legacy Upgrade Instructions. Once upgraded after Feb 2019, you can follow this new “normal and streamlined process”.

Make sure the Add2Exchange Console is closed. The service can be running or stopped. Select Upgrade Add2Exchange from the Upgrades section. Click on Add2Exchange upgrade. It will then present you a Software Assurance Screen which will tell you if your software assurance is expired, or your Software Assurance date is later than the day you do it.  

If Software Assurance is expired, reply for a quote on the upgrade options to reinstate your software assurance so you may continue to benefit from new build update releases. If you accidentally install the upgrade outside your software assurance term, you will need to purchase an upgrade license which includes reinstating the Software Assurance before it will sync again. 

If your software assurance is valid, press OK and it will automatically stop the Add2Exchange Service, it will automatically download and uninstall old version and install the new version. The Console should open at the end.  If it doesn’t, then open the Add2Exchange Console. Then Close the Console and it will prompt you to decide if you are to stay logged in or log out. Some systems require you to stay logged in. You will then are prompted to start the Add2Exchange Service.  If it starts, you are set up.  If it doesn’t start, you may have to enter the password in the Add2Exchange Service when the Services Control Manager opens automatically. You should reply to this email if the service password prompt comes up so we can connect and show you how to implement some newer technology for automatic upgrades and automatic permissions. There is no user impact, and the settings will all remain the same. Review the Add2Exchange Event logs in a few minutes to make sure there are no errors.  If there are errors, open the Add2Exchange Console, and close, selecting to stay logged in and start the service.  Review the logs again in a few minutes for no errors.  If no errors, lock the machine logged in as the service account.

If you have questions or need assistance or would prefer to use your Premier Support to recertify your Add2Exchange deployment on your replication machine/vm, and a bit of optimization and training, please reply all for scheduling. Let us know which day(s) are best, and we will check available times. You may also open a ticket online at https:///support.diditbetter.com/support-request.aspx.


Important: Verify your software assurance subscription is active (not expired) before proceeding to get the upgrade for FREE.  Be sure to check the dates during the upgrade installation.

Upgrading Add2Exchange

To upgrade Add2Exchange yourself, log in as the replication service account (Zadd2Exchange is the default) to the replication server,
and right click and run the DidItBetter Support Menu.ps1 (as powershell) from desktop of the service account and select Upgrade Add2Exchange. 

The new Menu does most of it for you, it will stop the Add2Exchange Service correctly, uninstall the older and install the newer, (but only if we have FTP access).  It may prompt for the password for the Outlook profile first, and the account to start the Add2Exchange Service next, but it may not.  If it does not, then be sure to go to the Services Control Panel and try to start the Add2Exchange Service. If it does not start, put in the Password for the service account and start it.  Then go to the tip on Automatic permissions. IF this is an off domain box, this account may not be the replication account, but a local administrator account and will be different accounts but still may have the same passwords.

Once installed, open the Add2Exchange Console and if any issues, reach out, and if not, close the Add2Exchange Console and you will be first asked to pick up where it left off [Yes], or start at the beginning [No] – and terminated relationships will sync first, then new relationships for single relationships or Relationship Group Manager (RGM) relationships will sync next, then go and sync all the existing.

Next, you will be prompted to start the Add2Exchange Service. If the Add2Exchange Console is open, even if the Add2Exchange Service is started, it will not sync.  Close the Add2Exchange Console and start the A2E Service to begin sync. Then monitor the Add2Exchange event logs from the Didtbetter.MMC  on the Desktop.

Remember, if Outlook is installed, it is only using the online Outlook profile so auto discover works, and does not need Outlook to sync.  However, due to MS issues with Outlook, Add2Exchange needs to be logged in as this account and locked for it to sync correctly and the Add2Exchange service needs to be running.  Nothing has to be running except the Add2Exchange Service.

When leaving, lock the session with the Add2Exchange Service account logged in (Default Zadd2Exchange)

NOTE: If you are upgrading Add2Exchange and you are also licensed for the Recovery & Migration Manager (RMM) tool, you MUST upgrade the RMM tool for your version at the same time. Do not run an older version of RMM with a newer version of Add2Exchange. As a matter of fact, you may opt to uninstall and not reinstall since this is a very powerful program and should only be used with Premier Support technician.  You should never need to run this since the functions have been integrated into the Add3Exchange Console.  During the upgrade process, you can uninstall the Add2Exchange AND the Recovery and Migration Tool at the same time during the upgrade process. 

TIP: At this point, we suggest stopping the Add2Exchange Service and doing all MS Critical updates and MSO updates as well, reboot and then it should automatically log back in and delayed start of the Add2Exchange Service will pick up where it left off. 

Validate this process and if it doesn't log in automatically, or has a banner, remove the banner and run the DidItBetter Support Menu on the desktop for Auto Logon Encrypted option.

  • The Subscription dates are listed next to your license key in the Add2Exchange Console and also in your licensing email sent to you.

Please make sure you have the latest build of the version you are running from the download section.

Don't worry, UPGRADING WILL NOT LOSE RELATIONSHIPS or SETTINGS!  If this process is being done manually, stop the Add2Exchange Service First to avoid a reboot.

Cautionary TIP: If you are migrating from Add2Exchange Standard to Add2Exchange Enterprise, you would use the same procedure below, but download the "Upgrade"  of Enterprise, instead of the Standard. The Add2Exchange Standard edition has been retired and is no longer supported, so contact us for your licensing options for Add2Exchange Enterprise/365. To make sure this goes smoothly, open a support ticket online.  Do not uninstall or delete the app or machine so we can keep control of the synced information. Caution:  There is an easy upgrade path from Standard to Enterprise/365 but there is no downgrade path to Standard from Enterprise/365. Make sure you have purchased a license before crossgrading. After the Upgrade to Enterprise/365 from Standard, you will need to also submit a new license registration request from the Add2Exchange Console and place the key in the appropriate module to continue syncing.

The latest version of Add2Exchange is available at:http://support.diditbetter.com/downloads.aspx

Legacy Upgrade Procedure

Upgrading Add2Exchange is a relatively easy process which should only take a few minutes. Make sure you have a valid, non-expired software subscription before downloading the upgrading and installing the upgrade. Below we have listed a simple step by step guide on the legacy upgrade process. You can also reference the upgrade section of our on-line Add2Exchange Guide for legacy installs so no relationships are lost or changed during the upgrade. Crossgrading from Standard should be pretty straightforward, but we suggest allowing us to do it under Premier Support so it goes smoothly.  For those with Premier Support in place, there is no additional cost other than the crossgrade license. Contact us for a quote.

Make sure the Add2Exchange Service is stopped before performing this upgrade.  There should be no Add2Agent or A2E*.*  processes in memory.  Note they do not stop immediately when the service is stopped.  Wait for them to stop and if they don't stop after 5 minutes, kill the processes to continue.

Verify that you have valid software subscription before proceeding. The Subscription dates are listed next to your license key in the Add2Exchange Console and your licensing email sent to you.

Visit the DidItBetter Download Center, to retrieve the necessary upgrade.

If you do not know your user name, submit a password reset.  If unable to, contact us to look it up for you or create a new account.

Choose the link for the DESIRED version of Add2Exchange you wish to have installed, in most cases, the Add2Exchange Enterprise or 365 edition.

From Add and Remove Programs in the Control Panel, remove the existing Add2Exchange from your system (this will not remove your relationships or items that have synchronized).  Remove the Recovery and Migration Manager Tool.

Do not remove Microsoft SQL Server Express

Expand and Extract the self-extracting exe you downloaded by double-clicking it.

From the extracted subdirectory, double-click Add2Exchange_Upgrade.msi

Go through the installer - it may or may not prompt you for accounts and passwords.   If and when prompted, the first prompt is for the existing sync account online Outlook profile name, if there is one, select the one already listed in bottom right, and then it will prompt you to add the password for that account.  This first prompt is for the Sync Service account (pick the Outlook profile name) and the pw for that account.   

The second password is in top left, you would EITHER put in A2E service account password twice or the local machine account used for an off domain replication server or whatever domain account Add2Exchange is installed as to start the Add2Exchange Service.  The installer does not check to see if the pw is correct, it just checks to make sure it is the same.  

TIP:  if the machine is off the domain, you will be prompted for both the sync account's outlook email address and pw, and then the local account to start the A2E service.  Usually these accounts are the same account and same password, but if not, perhaps to be simpler, make the passwords the same.

Open the Add2Exchange Console to verify your relationships and licensing. If out of licensing, submit a license request from the top drop down Licensing.  See this tip for licensing - https://www.diditbetter.com/product-activation --- if your software assurance is expired for Add2Exchange Enterprise or Add2Exchange 365, contact us for licensing options to upgrade.

If still licensed, close the Add2Exchange Console and start the Add2Exchange Service. If the service fails to start, go to the Services.msc and put in the correct password.

Monitor the Add2Exchange Event log after an hour. 

If you have other questions and need assistance, open a ticket here: Open a Ticket for DidItBetter Software Support 

Use this link if you wish to search for an error: From there you can search forum postings, consult the knowledgebase and troubleshooter guide.

TIP:  If you have a valid software assurance subscription, most upgrades are FREE for the licensed edition. If expired or a crossgrade to one of our other DidItBetter sync apps is needed, you will need a new license subscription - contact us for a quote. If outside the subscription date, (open the Console and read the expiration), and contact us by calling +1 (813) 977-5739 or send an email to info[at]diditbetter.com for a license quote on the current version upgrade/crossgrade.

Applies To

  • Add2Exchange Enterprise
  • Add2Exchange 365 Enterprise
  • Add2Exchange Standard, Enterprise, RMM Enterprise and RMM Standard

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