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3/30/2011 9:46:37 AM
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“Add2Exchange SetupDB routine failed to start the Database Service and cannot continue automatically.

I received the error below during the installation:

“Add2Exchange SetupDB routine failed to start the Database Service and cannot continue automatically. Please manually start the SQL 2005 A2ESQLServer Service with the Add2Exchange Service account credentials and start manually, and then when started, hit retry. “

I tried starting the service with the add2exchange account. And the error message there was this:
“The Add2Exhchange Service on the Local Computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they are not in use by other services or programs.”

This is during the install, so don’t start the add2exchange service. The second message you got was somewhat misleading, what is should say is there is no database created yet to start.

Look to the first message and it is prompting you to start the SQL 2005 A2ESQLServer Service instance as the Add2exchange service account. This will complete creating the database. You are starting the Add2Exchange Service and this is not correct at this time of the installation, start the SQL instance.

Once the SQL 2005 A2ESQLServer Service is started as our account, the install will finish the database creation, and the Add2Exchange Console will open, ready for some relationship creation.

BTW, there are only two services which Add2Exchange depends on to work properly (aside from the Exchange Server itself) and if you change the Add2exchange service account password in Active Directory, you will have to change this password in the log on tab of both of these services.

Also, opening the Add2Exchange Console will stop the Add2exchange Service since it can’t replicate properly when changes are being made to the relationships. Closing the Add2exchange Console usually prompts to start the Add2Exchange Service, but it will not start the SQL A2ESQLServer service automatically. This SQL service has to be set to automatic and started manually if manually stopped.

For your convenience, we created two “Net Start” type utilities for starting and stopping them in order. The utilities will first start the SQL 2005 A2ESQLServer Service if not started and then the Add2Exchange Service. The Stop utility will stop Add2Exchange and then SQL 2005 A2ESQLServer Service for orderly shutdown. Use these utilities any time you are going to do a MS update and then reboot or reboot.


Tip: After you get through the rest of the install, even if you try to start the Add2exchange Service when the Add2Exchange Console is open in this or another Terminal service session, Add2Exchange will not replicate, and a quick look to the Add2Exchange Event Log will tell you the current and past status of replication, and any suggestions we may have for you. If you set the Event logging in the Add2Exchange Console to Start and Stop logging (Services/Utility Logging) you will see Add2Exchange when A2E successfully replicates and how long it takes to replicate. Also, regardless of whatever setting you select for logging, A2E will always display an error or warning condition.

If we are not available, as is the case for you in Australia, mate, use this search for any questions you have:

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Hope this helps