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10/13/2011 12:30:15 PM
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How to get rid of the [Deleted] tag in the subject or file as

This type of problem can be caused by users either accidentally (or on purpose) delete the destination items and the Add2Exchange relationships are set to mark the items [deleted] in the subject of Calendars or Tasks, or the file as field for Contacts.

It can also accidentally be caused by users who have a smartphone which loses the profile and when they are prompted to save what is on the phone or what is on the server, they almost always say save what is on the phone. If the profile is lost, it is an empty profile, and it overwrites (deletes) everything on the server, and then A2E correctly removes the source items.

First, please be sure to have the most up to date version of Add2Exchange installed on your system. You may be able to get the update for free if you have valid software under the software subscription you have in place. Use this procedure to upgrade: http://support.diditbetter.com/kb/a2e_219.aspx

I would suggest in the meantime, while you figure out if there is a political reason this happened, to change your relationships so that if the destination item was deleted, to recopy, at least temporarily.  We suggest if they are going to delete an appointment, to put “Cancelled” or “Reschedule until [date]” in the subject of the source so multiple users can follow along.

To fix this [Deleted] tag, we have a tool. You must install the Add2Outlook Toolkit program on an Outlook machine with the A2E Service Account profile.  It is available from the Downloads section of the Website under the Add2Outlook Section called Add2Outlook ToolKit Full Installation v xxxxxx.xxx. (whatever version). Copy it over to a workstation, install, and make a profile for the service account.  Buy Now

Then run the Add2Outlook Toolkit. Pick the A2E service account outlook profile you created, pick the source folder and see below.

The A2O TooKit has a trial, and you are welcome to use it, and it costs $250 to license.  It has some other functions you may want to use as well, so we make it available at a discount (125) to Premier Support members.

BTW, since you are not on Premier Support or have an incident, might we offer to fix this for you for this and any support in the future?   I believe you have the options quoted to you. 

If you are on Premier, we will log in, survey then entire situation, use the tool and recertify your machine.  We can often tell who did the deed.  To find out who did it, in Outlook, open the users mailbox from the Add2Exchange Service account Outlook profile. Look in the deleted items of the users and find out the earliest deleted calendar with the most items on or near that time.  The earliest person’s account is the culprit.


The Add2Outlook ToolKit must be installed on an outlook machine

With a profile available to the A2E service account

To fix

Back up your source folder

Then install and run the add2outlook toolkit

And you will do Change Item function


Then pick the folder

Then put in the find text “Deleted” and replace with nothing


Then process Items. 

Then after a successful process, close that program.  Then go back to the replication server and close the Add2Exchange Console and restart the Add2Exchange service when prompted.  After the next sync, all the items will repopulate without the {Deleted} tag.

Let us know if we can be of service by using this link: /support-request.aspx