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Add2Exchange Short Upgrade Instructions


A short version of the upgrade instructions. The detailed version can be found in the Add2Exchange Guide at:



Important: Verify that you have valid software subscription before proceeding to get the upgrade for FREE

NOTE: If you are upgrading Add2Exchange and you are also licensed for the Recovery & Migration Manager (RMM) tool, you MUST upgrade the RMM tool for your version at the same time. Do not run an older version of RMM with a newer version of Enterprise Edition.  During the upgrade process, you can uninstall the Enterprise edition AND the Recovery and Migration Tool at any time during the process. .

  • The Subscription dates are listed next to your license key in the Add2Exchange Console and your licensing email sent to you.

Please make sure you have the latest build of the version you are running from the download section.

Don't worry, UPGRADING WILL NOT LOSE RELATIONSHIPS or SETTINGS!  Stop the Add2Exchange Service First!

TIP: If you are migrating from Add2Exchange Standard to Add2Exchange Enterprise, use the same procedure below, but download the "Upgrade"  of Enterprise, instead of the Standard.  Caution:  There is an easy upgrade path from Standard to Enterprise but there is no downgrade path to Standard from Enterprise.  After the Upgrade to Enterprise from Standard, you will need to submit a new license request from the Add2Exchange Console and place the key in the appropriate module to continue syncing.

The latest version of Add2Exchange is available at:http://support.diditbetter.com/downloads.aspx

Upgrading Add2Exchange is a relatively easy process which should only take a few minutes. Below we have listed a simple step by step guide on the upgrade process. You can also reference the upgrade section of our on-line Add2Exchange Guide and no relationships are lost or changed during the upgrade.

  1. Make sure the Add2Exchange Service is stopped before performing this upgrade.  There should be no Add2Agent or A2E*.*  processes in memory.  Note they do not stop immediately when the service is stopped.  Wait for them to stop and if they don't stop after 5 minutes, kill the processes to continue.
  2. Verify that you have valid software subscription before proceeding
    • The Subscription dates are listed next to your license key in the Add2Exchange Console and your licensing email sent to you.
  3. Visit the DidItBetter Download Center, to retrieve the necessary upgrade
    • If you do not know your user name, submit a password reset.  If unable to, please contact us to look it up for you
  4. Choose the link for the DESIRED version of Add2Exchange you wish to have installed, in most cases, the Enterprise Edition.
  5. From Add and Remove Programs in the Control Panel, remove the exisiting Add2Exchange from your system (this will not remove your relationships or items that have synchronized).  Remove the Recovery and Migration Manager Tool.
  6. Do not remove Microsoft SQL Server Express
  7. Expand and Extract the self-extracting exe you downloaded by double-clicking it
  8. From the extracted subdirectory, double-click Add2Exchange_Upgrade.msi
  9. Go through the installer - when prompted in top left, put in A2E service account password twice.  The installer does not check to see if the pw is correct, it just checks to make sure it is the same.  If prompted for the Outlook profile, select the one already listed in bottom right, and add the password.
    TIP:  if the machine is off the domain, you will be prompted for the local account to start the service, and the email address pw.  Usually they are the same password, and if not, perhaps to be simpler, make them the same.
  10. Open the Add2Exchange Console to verify your relationships and licensing.
  11. Close the Add2Exchange Console and start the Add2Exchange Service.  If the service fails to start, go to the Services.msc and put in the correct password.
  12. Monitor the Add2Exchange Event log after an hour. 

If you have other questions and email support is not fast enough, please use the online support search located here:


From there you can search forum postings, consult the knowledgebase and troubleshooter guide.

TIP: If you have a valid software assurance subscription, most upgrades are FREE.  If you are outside your free maintenance period,  you will need to purchase the Current Version Upgrade license subscription. If outside the subscription date, (open the Console and read the expiration), and please contact us at 001 (813) 977-5739 or ai@diditbetter.com to license your current version upgrade subscription.

Applies To

  • Add2Exchange Standard, Enterprise, RMM Enterprise and RMM Standard
  • Add2Exchange Enterprise

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