We are proud to announce a newly revamped and reorganized version of the Add2Exchange Guide, both for Add2Exchange Enterprise as well as Add2Exchange Standard!

In fact, that is one of the big changes. There are no longer separate versions of the Enterprise and Standard versions of the guide. Because most of the content is the same, we've opted instead to combine the two and simply mark the sections which only apply to Enterprise with a message to that effect. Add2Exchange Enterprise's features are in all respects a superset of those of Add2Exchange Standard, so those sections are the only ones you need to pay attention to the edition that they apply to.

Other changes include:

Simplified Topic Titles

Section headings have been shortened and clarified.

Flatter Topic Structure

Topics with lots of subtopics have been consolidated.

Updated System Requirements

System Requirements have been updated to reflect recent changes with Exchange Server 2010, Small Business Server 2008 and 2011.

Separate instructions for Exchange 2003 and 2007/2010

One frequent request from customers has been to spell out the configuration instructions for Exchange 2003 separately from Exchange 2007/2010. This version addresses that concern.

Automated Exchange 2007/2010 Configuration with the Preinstaller

The preinstaller is a tool bundled in the download package. The preinstaller takes advantage of Exchange 2007/2010's Powershell Management features to automate the creation of the Add2Exchange service account and the rights over Exchange. This topic is now covered by the guide.

Cleanup of old topics

Numerous small topics have been consolidated and older topics have been moved out of the guide.

Disqus Comments

The online version of the manual now features the Disqus comment system so users can leave feedback directly on the pages of the manual that need it.

Experimental Wiki version

The online version also links to an experimental wiki version of the guide which allows anyone to submit edits to the manual content. The wiki and the comment system are both actively monitored by Add2Exchange staff.

Updated URLs

Because of the many changes and also because of the availability of inexpensive cloud storage, we've moved the guides to a new url: http://guides.diditbetter.com/index.html. The old URLs will still be available for some time, but are somewhat obsolete already since they are not up to this version. Please update any bookmarks you may have to the new location. Also note that the "index.html" portion of any URLs that contain it is necessary since our offsite hosting does not automatically resolve unspecified URLs to the index page.

Monday, June 06, 2011 2:59:00 PM