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Last Review 11/13/2009
Revision 1.0
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Removing Invalid Database Rows


Invalid rows may occur in the Add2Exchange database. These errors may be due rebooting Exchange the server during synchronization or by performing Microsoft updates to either the Add2Exchange server or the Exchange server without stopping the Add2Exchange Service. Best practices is to stop the Add2Exchange Service from the Services Control Manager before updates and reboots.

Several enhancements have been made to both Add2Exchange Standard and Add2Exchange Enterprise in recent releases to minimize or completely eliminate the conditions causing these invalid rows. This tool has been designed to be run once, when these symptoms exist, but can be run again if the problem persists.

In order to clear out these rows, a database utility has been created called SanitizedDB. SanitizeDB is available as a stand-alone diagnostic or also within the A2EDiags used by DidItBetter technical support. This technical bulletin describes how to obtain and use SanitizeDB.


There are invalid rows in the database when Add2Exchange encounters both of these conditions at the same time:

  • The Add2Exchange Event Viewer log shows error messages like the following:

Add2Exchange Synchronization FAILURE source message: Message Subject of Relationship: Relationship Name

  • The Add2Exchange debug log shows error messages like the following:

[ERROR] while attempting to create Database Record for Source Message: Calling program: A2ESP
Error is: 2147217873 : Cannot insert duplicate key row in object dbo.A2EUserProperties with unique index IDXNCLDSTMSG. | Calling program: A2ESP
Leaving due to Error | Calling program: A2ESP


Follow this link to download the sanitizer as and exe. The sanitize db utility is now included in all downloads of the full and upgrade programs from the web and is called A2EDiags.exe.

Once you extract the full or upgrade download, you then unzip the self extracting file (double click) the A2EDiags from the extracted upgrade you downloaded.  The Sanitize option is listed under TOOLS and is option "Sanitize the database by removing all invalid rows".  Run that by selecting it and selecting the lightning bolt on the top left to activate.  Run and if there are any rows listed, select the option to Delete invalid rows from the database.  Once done, you can Quit, and then close the A2EDiags.

Applies To

  • Add2Exchange Enterprise
  • Add2Exchange Standard

Keywords: SQL Server, Source Message Failure, Transaction Rollback