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Microsoft Live Search Maps Incompatibility


Microsoft Live Search Maps for Outlook Add-in is no longer supported by Microsoft and has been removed from their download site. See this kb article for details:


The form employed by Live Search Maps effectively prevents Add2Exchange from synchronizing any appointment created or modified by a user with the add-in.

Because Microsoft has withdrawn the product, DidItBetter Software does not support installations with Live Search Maps installed. Customers must remove the Live Search Maps Add-in if they wish to synchronize using Add2Exchange.

If you cannot uninstall Live Search Maps, there is an unsupported, modified version of the form used by Live Search Maps which does not interfere with synchronization. You can download this form, with instructions for use, from our ftp site at:


This fixed form must be installed on the machines with Live Search Maps. This form is supplied as a courtesy and is not supported. It is provided AS-IS, with no warranty.


Appointment items created by a user who has the Microsoft Live Search Maps for Outlook Add-in installed do not synchronize.


The custom form used by Live Search Maps appointments contains information which effectively invalidates the item from being synchronized.


Customers must remove the Live Search Maps Add-In. Additionally, the fixappt utility must be run to fix the existing appointments created by Live Search Maps.

Removing Live Search Maps

Note: Removing the Live Search Maps Add-In requires a reboot of the computer.

  1. Close Outlook. Use Task Manager to be sure Outlook.exe has exited.
  2. Go to the Control Panel and select Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Find Live Search Maps Add-In for Microsoft Office Outlook. Click Remove. Confirm removal.
  4. Reboot the computer.
  5. Open Outlook.
  6. Go to Tools > Options and select the Other tab.
  7. Click Advanced OptionsG##
  8. Click Custom FormsG##
  9. Click Manage FormsG##
  10. In the Personal Forms library, select the Appointment form and click Delete. Confirm deletion.
  11. Click Clear Cache.
  12. Click Close.
  13. Close each of the dialog boxes by clicking OK.
  14. In your mailbox, right-click your Calendar folder and select Properties.
  15. In the dropdown labeled When posting to this folder, use:, select FormsG##
  16. Choose Look In: Standard Forms Library.
  17. Select Appointment and click Open.

This will remove the add-in and reset the calendar form to the default Outlook form. Any appointments created or modified while the add-in was installed will need to be recreated manually in order to be synchronized by Add2Exchange.

The fixappt Utility

You can obtain the fixappt utility from our ftp site at:


Download the latest file named fixappt_version.zip, where version is a version number of the program. Get the latest version.

The fixappt utility must be run on the machine where Live Search Maps was installed in order to access the userG##s mailbox.

The fixappt utility requires Collaboration Data Objects 1.21 (CDO) in order to run. CDO may not be installed on the userG##s machine. The easiest way to tell is to try to run the fixappt utility. If it fails, then you donG##t have CDO installed.

A standalone version of CDO can be obtained from:


Install the package and retry running the script.

To use the fixappt utility, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the userG##s system
  2. Download the fixappt_version.zip file
  3. Unzip fixappt_version.zip
  4. In the directory where you unzipped the package, double-click the file fixappt.exe
  5. Select the userG##s regular mail profile
  6. Follow the screens to direct the program to the folders with affected appointments
  7. Click _[Process Current Folder]_ to fix the appointments

It will report to you the number of fixed appointments. Now attempt to synchronize and the affected appontments should be able to sync.

In order to process other folders, run the utility again.

Applies To

  • Microsoft Live Search Maps Add-In for Microsoft Office Outlook
  • Add2Exchange

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