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Last Review 7/20/2007
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Remote Support/Installation Guidelines


Guidelines for users to prepare for remote support or remote installation services from DidItBetter Software.


There are a number of steps to be taken by users in order to prepare for a Remote Support or Remote Installation Session from DidItBetter Software Support Agents.

Requirements for all Remote Sessions

Go to http://join.diditbetter.com/   Wait to connect to the session we will provide for you at the scheduled time.  You can not initiate a session without an appointment.

Sometimes our remote support application requires exceptions to the firewall.   If you have a firewall, you will need to test connectivity prior to your appointment time. If your firewall needs to be configured to allow inbound and outbound access, create an exception for standard HTTP ports 80 and 443 open to join.diditbetter.com.

IF this doesn't work, DidItBetter also supports connectivity through your own solution such as Webex, LogMeIn, etc. It is, however, strongly recommended that the DidItBetter Support application be used whenever possible as it contains tools relied upon by many of our procedures.

Set expectations with End-Users

In general, there is a significant possibility that we will need to make end-user visible changes to the contents of synchronized folders. If we are performing a major version upgrade, there is typically a period of several hours where the entire contents of folders which are the destinations of relationships become unavailable to end-users. Server reboots are NOT typically required during support sessions, but be sure to identify the next available window for maintenance should one turn out to be necessary.

Verify minimum prerequisites

Make sure you meet all of the requirements for your DidItBetter Software product. Be especially aware of disk space and service pack level requirements.

Check and apply Microsoft updates

DidItBetter Software certifies its software on the latest available Microsoft updates at the time of release. Make sure you have the latest updates for the most reliable experience.

Updates that require a reboot and have been applied without yet rebooting the system must have the reboot completed prior to the appointment time.

Download applicable DidItBetter Software updates

Check the downloads section at http://www.DidItBetter.com/ for the latest version the day before your appointment. DidItBetter Software reserves the right to reschedule your appointment if you do not have the latest version downloaded beforehand due to potentially long download times.

Perform backups

Do a routine backup of the folder in the installed directory C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenDoor Software®\Add2Exchange\Database

Applies To

  1.  Remote Support Services
  2.  Remote Installation Services

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