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5/18/2011 10:41:49 AM
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Deleting Relationships - Leave As Originals Option

Leave as originals option - Before you continue, please read this entire post.

Use of this option is extremely powerful and its use can be disastrous and cause duplication if you do not fully understand the ramifications. It will not delete original items, but can convert copies to originals.

You were brought here because you are trying to delete a relationship and have selected to

“Leave the Copies in the Destination Folder as Originals”.

If this relationship is

a one to many relationship

and you select this option to MORE than 1 relationship in the one to many configuration, you will cause issues.  You can only run this option on one of the relationships with this folder as the source.

What this option offers is to be able to automatically “transfer” the original items made in this source and put in a destination, by automatically converting those copies in the destination to originals.   Without this option, if you wished these source items to replicate again to other users after you had selected to remove ALL destination items from this relationship and run a full sync, you WOULD have to had to MANUALLY open the users folder and take the items from this source folder and manually move them to another source folder of an active relationship, or if no active, then to make more relationships.

So instead of deleting the items from ALL destinations with this as the source folder, this option effectively “gives” these items to another user (or in another folder) and magically makes the copies in that folder to the new originals, to be copied to other users folders.   

To do this option correctly, you have to think a moment and review your relationships.  You would first see if this relationship is a source to any other destination.  Then you would decide where you want this source’s items to replicate from, and ideally to a public folder or perhaps to some other user’s folder.  Then you would ONLY select this option on the relationship from this source to that folder.  You would select to remove destination items on ALL other relationships with this folder as the source and completely avoid duplication and ensure consistent replication moving forward.

This option is most often used in Contact and Task relationships.  If this were a Calendar relationship, you probably may just want to leave the items in the destination of one or a few destination folders, just to see what time commitments the user made. 

If this is a Contact relationship, however, on all other relationships with this Contact Folder as the source, when you delete the relationship you would select to Delete the Destination Items.  This will avoid creating “orphans”, or non-replicating copies in destination Contact folders.  Then, you would use THIS option, to Leave there as Originals, on that one relationship to replicate from the new folder all the other destinations.  Please note, since Add2Exchange does not copy a copy, you MAY have to create another relationship from the new “originating owner” to one or more of the existing destination folders of this relationship to have it replicate as it did before.