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2/17/2011 11:10:58 AM
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Does Add2Exchange work with ProLaw?

From a customer discussion:



Yes it does with a few minor changes


With Prolaw you have to authorize the zadd2exchange Service account user as an administrator for Prolaw

It has to be authorized to make changes to the calendar and contacts, even though you may not technically be trying to change them (see below)  but it changes the time and date of the items anyway and adds 2 invisible named properties to the items so it has to be authorized to do it


The Add2Exchange service account has to be a user on the system, and yes, unfortunately, they require you to buy a license for that user.  You may be tempted to use an existing license for an existing user, but that would be unadvisable. You would have to empower that user so much that it would compromise your security model.


I also suggest you create one way unidirectional relationships to those folders so the users can see the information, but not change it.  It would be unidirectional on edits and recopy (or don’t recopy) on deletes from their mailboxes.


2/23/2011 3:54:03 PM
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Re: Does Add2Exchange work with ProLaw?

Need to add the person with Administrator rights and add the user into the active dockets.