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5/12/2010 3:34:53 PM
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Relationship deletion

I have deleted a public to private, and a private to public relationship. They are in trash, and I have clicked on "empty trash" but am unable to revove them. What would be the next step to get them removed?

Add2Exchange handles the deletion of relationships in 2 phases.  The first phase is to queue the relationships for deletion, using the Add2Exchange Console.  During the next synchronization cycle, the relationships are then put through the second stage of the process, the cleanup phase.  After the cleanup phase, the relationships are removed permanently.  If the cleanup phase fails, the relationship will remain in the trash folder.  Checking "Empty Trash" tells the Add2Exchange service that it should completely remove the relationship after the next cycle even if the cleanup fails.

9/21/2011 9:14:37 AM
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Re: Relationship deletion

I have the same problems. I cannot remove the relationship from the trash.