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8/24/2012 3:37:32 PM
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TS Checklist: Add2Exchange Standard or Enterprise Edition - Formatting Replication Server and Reinstalling Add2Exchange on Same Machine (FREE with Dereplication Option - Not Recommended)


Log in as Add2Exchange to the replication server

Tell the users not to panic when the stuff starts to delete

Open the Add2Exchange Console

Help export setups
Put that somewhere else

If Add2Exchange Standard: 
Assuming no relationships in alert
Delete each and every relationship and select to remove destination items  so it will desync

Then close the console
Start the service
And WAIT until success audits for all folder types you have

If Add2Exchange Enterprise:

DELETE all relationships as above AND delete the Templated Relationships in RGM in the Console
In Global Options and uncheck the location for the GAL Manager Folder

Then you can do as you wish to the machine

When reformatting, call the machine the same name to avoid a license transfer
Also turn off UAC as it says to in the manual, do all MS Updates  and reboot prior to the install
Then Download and install the full version
And log in as the Add2Exchange Service Account and install full
Tip: During the installation, you may have to manually start the SQLA2ESQLSERVER Service and then hit retry
Remake your relationships