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8/24/2012 1:44:51 PM
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TS Checklist: Add2Exchange Moving Add2Exchange "Add2Exchange Migration" with no Exchange Migration


Moving the Add2Exchange Installation

Download Full – product
Download RMM

Update to latest  version  of product -if cross grade to Enterprise and then move, do the upgrade on the original box.

(If Standard, note if this box is 32 or 64 to require Registry Conversion from Diags later before importing)

Export Setup and put in zlibrary, under new “Migration” directory save as “before migration and your initials”

Do Standard Diags- search for SMF - remove
If yes there were greater than 0 rows, open Add2Exchange Console, look for any relationships with destination item to delete source or mark deleted or do nothing, if there are any relationships there with this setting, Export relationships to zlibrary, do SMF cleanup before and then change all relationships to recopy, and then run full sync, then change back after full sync to avoid deleting good items.

Note all Relationships OK? If not, delete alerted or Run RMM

If moving with Tool and Automatic -  License Toolbox and follow Migration instructions in the Manual

If without tool and Manual

Be sure you have the recent Export Setup

Make new “landing zone” migration Folder in zlibrary Migration [Date] [Initials] Directory in zlibrary Old export settings
Detach DB – save copy to landing zone in zlibrary
If Add2Exchange Standard: Export registry If Add2Exchange Standard
                Clean up zlibrary of old installs
                Move zlibrary directory to Landing  Zone
On New Box,  Do Full Simple install for  the product – eventually Console will open
Close Console

If Standard and 64 bit from 32 bit, open Add2Exchange Diags

Convert from 32 to 64 via file
Import New File into Registry

Edit Registry: Server, DB, License, Path (C:\Program Files x86)
Run Diagnostics

Detach virgin DB

Make “Virgin” Directory under \Database
Move virgin DB to virgin DIR
Copy OLD DB from LZ to \Database Dir
Attach DB
Open Add2Exchange Console
Do Licensing
If Standard or Enterprise Edition and you did not do SMF before, do it now

If done before, skip if not Do Standard Diags- search for SMF

If yes, open Console, export Setup and search for Existing , inspect for each relationship for destination item, delete to yes or do nothing, or mark Deleted and if so Export relationships to zlibrary, call it  “SMF before Surgery [Initials]  and then change all relationships to recopy, and then run full sync, then change back after.

If Enterprise Edition – Check and Change template
Note all Relationships OK?  If not, delete deleted alerted and Empty Trash or we will Run RMM to fix

Standard: Open Diags and alert all relationships directly in Registry

If Enterprise Edition we will have to let it sync to put relationships in alert

Open Console
Attach License keys

IF Standard Run RMM
Then Turn on Add2Exchange Services
Open Diditbetter MMC and go to event Viewer
Make link to How it works as favorite and explain
Complete Sync – on success if SMF, be sure to change all relationships back to original format
On success  - Open Console
License if not done already


Have the Stop/Start conversation –

Turn off auto MS updates,
stop before MS updates on this box or Exchange, Reboot after
Antivirus Active File Scanning Exclusions

  • If private to private relationships, in ESM, select Pivot folder for optimization
    • take off per user read and unread
  • Set Limits on Retention and Aging to 1,1 no Replication by Exchange for Pivot