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2/21/2012 12:45:23 PM
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Moving Add2Exchange to another Drive on the same computer

Moving Add2Exchange to another <drive :\> on the same computer



If you are preparing to migrate Add2Exchange to a new location on the same server, here are the steps to manually make this process easier.


These instructions refer to the Add2Exchange service account as “zAdd2Exchange” since that is the recommended account name. This makes it possible to cut and paste many examples. If your service account name differs, substitute it instead.


*These procedures require the A2EDiags tools, included in the latest versions of the Add2Exchange installation package. It may also be downloaded from:

FTP Site Link for A2Diags tools:  ftp://ftp.diditbetter.com/a2ediag


  1. Log on to the computer using the zAdd2exchange service account
  2. Stop the Add2Exchange Service
  3. The A2EDiags are included in the zipped file of the new downloads.  You can download and extract the A2EDiags Tools from the FTP site link provided
  4. Run A2EDiags.bat from the extracted or installed directory
  5. Detach the Add2Exchange database with the Detach Database option
  6. Uninstall Add2Exchange
  7. Reinstall and select the new drive
  8. Manually move the a2e.mdb file from the existing local drive <C :\> to the new drive location

Example: < D:\Program Files\Open Door Software\Add2Exchange\Database>

  1. Attach the database using the A2EDiags Tool option Attach Database files
  2. Open the Add2Exchange Console
  3. Check to see for proper operation. Close the Add2Exchange Console and Start the Add2Exchange Service
  4. Monitor the Add2Exchange Event log for Success Audits