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Adding a New User to the Add2Exchange Console


How do I add a new user to the Add2Exchange Console?


The best way to add a new user to the Add2Exchange Console is by adding them to the Distribution List:

1) On the Exchange Server, open the Exchange Management Console.

2) Open the Relationship Group Manager.

3) Drill down to the Distribution Groups.

4) Find the Distribution Group you attached the Add2Exchange Template to.

5) Add (or remove) the new user to the Distribution Group and save.


For those with permissions to modify GAL Distribution Lists, this can be done from within Outlook:

Note: Please be careful who you allow to modify our custom Distribution List to avoid duplication or undesired replication.  This permission is set through the Exchange Management Console in Exchange 2007/2010, or the Exchange System Manager/AD in Exchange 2003.

1) Open Outlook.

2) Open the Distribution List from the GAL.

3) Modify the members as desired.

4) Save the Distribution List.


To immediately effect the change to the Relationships, simply stop and restart the Add2Exchange Service.


Add2Exchange will automatically make the relationship or remove the relationship based on the inclusion or removal from the Distribution List when the "Relman" (Relationship Management) Routine runs.  The frequency of this routine is set in the Services/Utility section within the Add2Exchange Console and defaults, and is typically set to once every 24 hours; however, this can be turned off (set to 0) or can be set to longer than 24 hours, like weekly.  Please make sure your setting fits the frequency of the changes within your organization. 

Applies To

  • Add2Exchange Enterprise

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