Add2Outlook Release Notes

Upgrade Add2Outlook using these instructions

Add2Outlook does not need to be uninstalled prior to an upgrade. Add2Outlook and the Add2Outlook Toolkit can be upgraded directly over the older version, with Outlook Closed.  When deciding to upgrade, find your version from the prior release notes below. Scan up through the versions  to the current release and if there is any "mandatory upgrade" anywhere between your version and the current, it is a mandatory upgrade to become current and consistent again in replication.  Make sure you have valid software maintenance in affect prior to the upgrade so you get the upgrade for free, and there is no relicensing necessary.  If your software subscription has expired, and you no longer get the upgrades for free, please contact us for a renewal at 800-837-8636.  Note the software maintenance date in the Add2Outlook Console, next to the folder folder type and number of relationships.  You can upgrade for free on or before that date.

Current Certified Full Release off Website: []
Current Release Candidate (Beta) off Web site at bottom or FTP [] (normally please use the released one on the website)

 Highly Recommended upgrade.  Mandatory for full functionality and speed and fault tolerance.

Add2Outlook 20150625 1525 v4.66.2515 "Golden Build"  Contains all enhancements and fixes of Prior
1. Relationships Confirmations and Relationship Confirmation could have an instance of not being reset.

Add2Outlook 20150623 1429 v4.66.2315
1. Reminder Minutes Before Start Value will not push back to source
2. "Use Field Type" registry key will be defaulted to True (1) to specify user property field types. Specifying or not, works both ways as the field is identical.

Add2Outlook 20150615 1242 v4.66.1615
- International User Properties Migration To DB With Incorrect Date Format Of Last Synchronization Time In User Property Of Items Resolved. 

Prior Releases build history:

Add2Outlook 20150615 0848 v4.66.1515
1.       Contact Reminders / Follow Up Are Excluded During Item Synchronization

Add2Outlook 20150612 1359 v4.66.1215
1. Migrated SQL Selections Will be changing the 2 MAPI fields from relationship key specific, being user property fields, to PropSetID4 specific, which is 1 of the 7 Outlook property set IDs and the one we also use for Item and Copy fields. Tested at least 15 runs at 209 relationships and no error. Will make this into a release.
2. Confidential Items Will be excluded always in select statement.

Add2Outlook 20150520 1014 v4.65.2015
1. Select a Folder in Outlooks active explorer that has items and select the Folder Display button which will process a display and close of each item in that current folder where the close parameter is to "Save" if Outlook believes there is a need to.

Add2Outlook 20150512 0956 v4.65.1215
1. Contact's Display Name for Email 1 - 3 Resolved And Without Save Prompt

Add2Outlook 20150506 1246 v4.65.0615 – 2003
1. Synchronization Force Source Update
2. Contact Email 1 - 3 Original Synchronization Implemented

Add2Outlook 20150428 1158 v4.64.2815
1.  Destination To Source Modifications Synchronized Resolved
a. Ex: Flag Reminders And Possible No EntryID

Add2Outlook 20150421 0830 v4.64.2115
1. Resolved Display As For Contacts' email addresses 1 through 3

Add2Outlook 20150318 1030 v4.63.1815
1. Recurring Calendar And Tasks Resolved Pattern Updates And Removals.
2. Add2Outlook 20150312 1214 v4.63.1315
3. Migrated Relationships Delete Source or Delete Destination By Deleting Or Marking Deleted Resolved.
4. Redemption v5.8.0.4112

Add2Outlook ToolKit v2.51.1314
Repost Add2Outlook Toolkit 20140626 0805 v2.42.2614 With Redemption v5.8.0.4112

Add2Outlook 20150218 1141 v4.62.1815
1. Relationships Process Migrated registry key will now dictate if Relationships are stored in database along with user properties or in registry (0 = False, 1 = True).
2. Relationships Process Migrated failure will clean up and restore registry profile with relationships.
3. SQL Compact will now install SQL Compact 64 upon completion during installation for x64 OS.
4. Relationships List on console will now note relationship ID plus trial or license expiration.

Add2Outlook 20150112 1508 v4.61.1215
1. Data Insert To Master Tables Error Resolved.
2. Migration of data resolved due to Alerted Empty Deleted Relationships Update.

Add2Outlook 20141205 1009 v4.60.0514
1. Advanced Option To Migrate Relationships to SQL SE Database.
a. After relationships are migrated, synchronization will automatically move item(s) user properties to database. Upon completion, the relationship will be flagged migrated and won’t run the process again.
b. Normal synchronization with database will process for all future processing requests.
2. Redemption Distributable v5.8.0.4036
3. RTF of Message Body Field synchronization enabled.

Add2Outlook 20141021 1724 v4.58.2114
1. Cancelled recovery alerted relationship will revert back to original state when save is cancelled even with a new folder or folders selected.

Add2Outlook 20140909 0800 v4.57.0814
1. Master Tables Integrity Constraint Update Record Count Query
2. - Add2Agent v4.57.0814 0718
3. -- Master Tables Integrity Constraint Removed
4. -- Master Tables Duplicates Removed After Import
5. -- Master Tables Bulk Import for A2E and Record Set Import For A2O

Add2Outlook 20140903 1039 v4.57.0314
1. Debug Mode will not include exportation of Source Master and Destination Master record sets.

 Add2Outlook 20140902 1413 v4.57.0214
 1   Message Sync Done Check had 2 instances counting as failures instead of moving next.

Add2Outlook 20140825 1215 v4.56.2514
1. Get Activities Use Item Not Mail Item for Loop and then close item.
2. Also search for existing record set will put pointer at 0, instead of assuming default is processing at current record being 1st record after move first.

Add2Outlook 20140825 1215 v4.56.2514
1. Get Activities Use Item Not Mail Item for Loop and then close item.

Add2Outlook 20140819 1018 v4.56.1914
1. Folder 2 Permission Replace Body Added

Add2Outlook 20140808 1232 v4.56.0814
1. Functions are warning events, not event logged information or failure audits.

Add2Outlook 20140807 1808 v4.56.0714
1.  Advance Parameters Permissions' Subject Processing Resolved
2.  Permissions Selection Failure Audit Suppressed.
3.  AppProcesses not set to True to process all

Add2Outlook 20140722 1418 v4.55.2214
1. Folder Level Access Confirmed via PR_ACCESS.
2. Message Level Access Confirmed via PR_ACCESS_LEVEL.
3. Item Reset Is Copy For Source Items Only If Get Database User Properties First.
4. Activities Will Be Unique Before Checking In New, Source and Destination Synchronization for Master Table Building.

Add2Outlook 20140711 0855 v4.55.1114
1. Digitally Signed for 2014.
2. Redemption Distributable v5.7.0.3872

Add2Outlook 20140701 1251 v4.55.0114
1. Handles Calendar Appointment Occurrences with No Subjects.

Add2Outlook 20140625 1455 v4.54.2414
1. Message Object Comparison Uses Contain IPM.??? to allow for custom forms.

Add2Outlook 20140520 1425 v4.53.2014
1. Get Folder By ID, By ID and Store and then try by Mailbox if private.

Add2Outlook 20140519 1049 v4.53.1914
1. Resolved folder selection on option page due to permissions.
Add2Outlook 20140512 2049 v4.53.1215
3. Add2Agent database user properties allows for blank subjects inserts (contact items usually are blank).

Add2Outlook 20140512 1215 v4.53.1214
1.  Resolved Private folders being checked for permissions like public folders because Add2Exchange uses mailbox "Public" and not "Public Folders".

Add2Outlook 20140508 1420 v4.53.0814
1. Items Completed was releasing objects prematurely during Message Synchronization and Message Copy.

Add2Outlook Toolkit 20131231 1206 v4.48.3113
1. Add2Outlook 20131112 0838 v4.47.1213 built with Redemption v5.6.0.3644.

Add2Outlook Toolkit 20131231 1129 v2.36.3113
1. Add2Outlook Toolkit 20120327 1404 v2.15.2712 built with Redemption v5.6.0.3644
2. Add2Outlook Toolkit 20120327 1404 v2.15.2712 Built With Redemption Distributable v5.5.0.3498

Add2Outlook 20130920 1340 v4.45.2013
Built with Redemption Distributable v5.5.0.3498

Add2Outlook 20130920 1340 v4.45.2013
1. Relationships Purge registry key(s) backup failed to remove special characters in file name has been resolved.

Add2Outlook 20130826 1050 v4.44.2613
1. New Relationship Synchronization goes before the last left off Relationship that was synchronization prior to being stopped.

Add2Outlook ToolKit Full Installation v2.15.2713 needs to be manually pushed to store for downloading.
Update Redemption and Profman to current versions.

Add2Outlook 20130816 1630 v4.44.1613
1. Had to fix the obfuscation project which corrupted the Add-In’s VSTO file.

Add2Outlook 20130809 1343 v4.44.0913
1. SyncLast will be noted as a relationship property and will change to an actual date once an initial synchronization for that relationship has processed which only processes new items. This can be manually reset via the console’s right click property of the relationship selected.

Add2Outlook v4.44.0713
1. Recovery Mode will allow folder selection if the Relationship is in Alert or Not.
2. Failed Relationship’s Items resolved to log up to 5 attempts and then move to next Relationship.
3. Failed Relationships resolved to log up to 5 attempts and then stop processing.
4. Relationship save will only save the folder IDs during Option Page saving.

Add2Outlook 20130805 1422 v4.44.0513
1. Error Logging’s Line #’s Resolved.

Add2Outlook 2013-07-31 1335 v4.43.3113
Enhancement: Reposted with Event Log Line #s
Fix: Profile Setup Registry Backup Will Remove Prior File If Exists Instead Of Trying To Overwrite.
Fix: Product Named Properties are STRING specific in order to resolve SQL Folder requests resulting in MAPI_E_TABLE_TOO_BIG.
Fix: Item inspection doesn’t update folder when in cache mode, would lock
Fix: Error in IMAPIProp::SaveChanges: MAPI_E_CALL_FAILED
Fix: Set Destination Item’s Reminder Option Resolved.
Fix: Cached mode: Doesn’t seem stable in some environments, suggest online – Update Outlook’s Synchronization Group(s) when getting folders has more validations.  In Cache Mode and with the folders being updated, did notice a “Shift F9” for the specific folder is required to visually see the folder updated. Looks like Outlook is holding back the updates.
Enhancement: AutoPop space is allowed if you type and hit space, go to the front and type again plus space.
Enhancement: Folder Expanding is still happening after initial selection.
Enhancement: AutoPop Sync uses original message updates and not TO/FROM Setup.
Enhancement: Make Sure Installation Location Is Set In Registry
Enhancement: Add Folder Option On Folders Selection.
Enhancement: Folder Path fails in cache mode confirmations from Option Page and confirmations via Synchronization.
Enhancement: Relationship Name Field is not available until folders are chosen and accepted.
Fix: Folder Path fails in cache mode confirmations from Option Page and confirmations via Synchronization.
Fix:  Waits For Send/Receive In Cache Mode To Complete
Fix: Limits Send/Receive Update for Cache Mode To Just When Getting Folders And Option Page Isn't Displayed.
Enhancement: Compresses All Folders Parent Folders In Option Page Selection.
Enhancement: Truncated notation of error message with development file path information.
Enhancement: Removed going to last folder chosen for same folder type in folder selection, which also eliminated the error and not displaying PST files in folder choices.
Fix: Naming of Rels: When making a rel, you can put cursor in the name field after adding source and dest folders  and if you do It forces you to make a name, but you cant. Resolved.
Fix: The server threw an exception. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80010105 (RPC_E_SERVERFAULT)) DATA: System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal

Add2Outlook 2013-06-30 1335 v4.41.3013
 Waits For Send/Receive In Cache Mode To Complete
 Limits Send/Receive Update for Cache Mode To Just When Getting Folders And Option Page Isn't Displayed.
 Compresses All Folders Parent Folders In Option Page Selection.
 Truncated notation of error message with development file path information.
 Removed going to last folder chosen for same folder type in folder selection,
 FIX: eliminated the error and not displaying PST files in folder choices.

Add2Outlook 2013-05-30 v4.41.0813
Resolved Relationship load with optimal primary property fields
Speed Increases by reducing confirmations
Improvement to interface to allow showing what folder you are to pick in recovery mode and when making the relationships

Add2Outlook 2013-05-30 v4.41.0813
Handles Cached mode syncing
but still not recommened.  Use online mode when possible or for many relationships
More fault tolerance

Add2Outlook 2012-08-22 1424 v4.32.2212
- Restore relationship does not accidentally delete the relationship.
- Relationships in the Trash are now archived.
- Mail Synchronization from the Primary Exchange Sent Folder will be copied as a mail item and not the default note item

Highly Recommended upgrade.  Mandatory for full functionality and fault tolerance.

Add2Outlook 20120516 0930 v4.29.2912 - 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2010 x64 Released: Mandatory Upgrade
The relationship Settings on the Settings Display page was not loading correctly and now has been resolved.
Error in Event Viewer: Mapi_E_Call_Failed Line 2924: "Sent to" appointment field Validated before field is synchronized.  Found a user who had a blank field and it should normally have a value. It would just not copy that appointment and go on to the next.  Now if it is blank, we sync the appointment and just don't sync that field and it resolved the issue.

Add2Outlook 20120516 0930 v4.29.1612 - 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2010 x64 Posted
Mandatory Upgrade

Solves Line 870 In Relationship Microsoft Cursor Pointer Event Issue.

Add2Outlook 2012-05-11 1147 v4.29.1012 - 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2010 x64 Posted
The major development effort recently has been to reduce the amount of information we are requesting, because some of your hosting providers can stop providing access to their systems on a heavy sync. Therefore some of the items do not sync. We have spent a significant amount of time getting around this issue and have found a way to make A2O seem less suspect to them and allow for consistent syncs.
This version resolves the "MAPI_E_TOO_BIG" errors in the Event viewer and stops relationships from going into alert accidentally.

Add2Outlook  20120504 1147 v4.29.0412 - 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2010 x64 Posted
Resolves Reminder’s Flash To On Then Off as per the Relationship Parameter not to copy reminders to destination.
Double click allowed on Relationship Folder Selection.

Add2Outlook 20120504 1147 v4.29.0411 - 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2010 x64 Posted
Resolves bug in Outlook 2010 and some smartphones where a false Reminder would Flash To On Then Off, even though a reminder was not supposed to be recopied as per the Relationship Parameter not to copy reminders to destination.
Enhancement: Double click allowed on Relationship Folder Selection.

Add2Outlook 20120424 0648 v4.28.2412 - 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2010 x64 Release Posted
Recommended Upgrade
Resolves folder confirmation inconsistency.
MAPI folders like an Hotmail account, can only have the folders accessible if Add2Outlook does NOT use the default Outlook Session, which is now a checkbox option on the settings page of the Add2Outlook "Console" from Addins. Those with a standalone replication server can and should use the default Outlook Session.
Note: Appointment Recurrences via Outlook 2010 x86 to Exchange 2010 will update a single occurrences, but noted absolutely no display update in Outlook 2010 but worked fine when looking at the appointment in Outlook 2003. Possible bug in Outlook 2010.

Add2Outlook 20120423 1354 v4.28.2312 - 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2010 x64 BETA Posted
Required Upgrade if duplication exists. May be necessary to reset if calendar duplication exists.
Resolves Calendar Reoccurrence Duplicates
Possible Reset Required if Remove Destination Duplicates Option doesn’t resolve.

Add2Outlook 20120420 1030 v4.28.2012 - 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2010 x64 BETA Posted
20120420 1030 v4.28.2012 - 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2010 x64 BETA Posted
Recommended Upgrade if duplication occurs, set switch in Settings to remove duplicate copies made from prior build
Include other ODS Software during synchronization now allows to include/exclude copies.
Option to run during synchronization to removed destination items duplicates, which reposts the source to the destination after removal of duplicates.

Add2Outlook 20120418 1123 v4.28.1812 - 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2010 x64 BETA Posted: Critical Update
Resolves: MESSAGE: Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt. This version could cause duplication

Add2Outlook 20120417 1220 v4.28.1712 - 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2010 x64 BETA Posted

20120417 1220 v4.28.1712 - 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2010 x64 BETA Posted
Issue Resolved: System Runtime Interop Services Release of all Objects to help resolve MAPI_E_TOO_BIG Logged Errors.

  1. Improvement: Can license the entire List of Account User Names, Addresses and Servers correctly for all accounts associated with the Outlook Profile that is of HTTP, IMAP, LDAP, POP and Exchange Account
  2. Improvement: Add-In Functionality now exists to be enabled when no Exchange Account Type Exists for that profile but Outlook Profile has of HTTP, IMAP, LDAP or POP Account Types.

Add2Outlook 20120416 1059 v4.28.1612 - 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2010 x64 BETA Posted Resolved Outlook View UnAvailable” for accounts like Hotmail connectors.

  1. CORRECTION: Known issue was resolved in build regarding “MAPI_E_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY”
  2. Windows Handles fixed when listing several hundred relationships.
  3. Item Inspection resolved and removed include other DIB Software prerequisite.
  4. Added releasing of objects to conform to best practices.

Known Issue Looking Into:

  1. The Licensed Addresses may show an Outlook Address Book for an available server to license.  This issue does not inhibit replication in any way.

Add2Outlook 20120405 1329 v4.28.0512 - 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2010 x64 PostedMandatory Upgrade

This is a major enhancement for Add2Outlook for SYNCING to Office 365, PSTs, Exchange and any hosted Exchange Clients.

  1. Option to use Outlook’s Session or use a New Profile Session.
  2. The progress Icon looks to be hard coded with the label TaskController Progress, resolved to be universally used.
  3. The full logging shows the try (beginning) and finally (end) events of functions, with the module being protected, those events are really not needed even in full logging, resolved.
  4. The counting from # to total number of items during the 2 deletion routines is showing the TO TOTAL to be -1, which is because ADO is returning the value of the SQL statement completed OK with reporting -1. Cosmetic, need to get the record count so the full logging shows # to Total correctly, resolved

The main issue addressed in this build was consistency. Recently the releases focused on gaining speed. We were successful, but found the technology can be too aggressive in some environments and provided inconsistent results. We tried within the last series of builds to use our own “session” to sync instead of using Outlook’s logon credentials to synchronize but basically BUT, we found some hosted environments don’t play well with that technique and A2O was at times on certain networks, stopping the second session from logging into Hosted Exchange via the Outlook Profile in order to do the Add2Outlook synchronization. Basically the hoster would close the information store and Add2Outlook couldn’t get the folders and then the items to synchronize, putting the relationships in Alert Status as a false positive.

To resolve this, we integrated the option to use either Outlook’s current logged in session (a small tad slower) or use a separate session by using the current Outlook Profile loaded. The default install will be to use Outlook’s session. Some speed is gained by not using Outlook’s, not much, but with our own session the user gets a little more responsive Outlook feel while A2O is is synchronizing. In a slower hosted environment you’ll see a bit slower response times for Outlook during the synchronization process, but syncing has to be able to be configured to replicate consistently every time. We added the faster option if it could be supported for that installation. This is a mandatory upgrade if you have any prior version of Add2Outlook.

Add2Outlook 20120403 1431 v4.28.0312 - 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2010 x64 Posted

20120403 1431 v4.28.0312 - 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2010 x64 Posted

Recommended Upgrade

This is a minor enhancement for Add2Outlook for relationship control to Office 365, PSTs, Exchange and any hosted Exchange Clients.

  1. Resolved drag and drop of relationships then losing edit function.
  2. Resolved and Added more detail logging.
  3. System Tray Icon to reflect thread processing.
  4. Resolved loaded users’ folder access.
  5. Added Relationships Refresh under Help Menu.
  6. Added Relationships Refresh With Confirmation under Help Menu.

Add2Outlook 2012.03.28 1340 v4.27.2812 - 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2010 x64 Posted

This is a minor enhancement for Add2Outlook for sorting and building relationships to Office 365, PSTs, Exchange and any hosted Exchange Clients.
Issue addressed:  Added the ability to drag and drop relationships in the Console so the order of relationship replication can be set by the user no matter when the relationships were made.

Add2Outlook 2012-03-09 v4.27.1912 - 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2010 x64 Posted

This is a minor enhancement for building relationships to Office 365, PSTs, Exchange and any hosted Exchange Clients!
Issue addressed:  Change to event logs.  ODS is now the Event Log Master with Add2Outlook as a source.  In the Add2Outlook Console, can view filtered event logs to make it easier to troubleshoot and send to support as part of support request.

  1. Visual Enhancement: The A2O Console or property Page Save Function now displays progress panel so the user can’t keep selecting Save when there’s a delay for such environments like a slow hosted email account.
  2. Program Enhancement: Relationships List Refresh option under Relationships dropdown.
  3. Issue addressed:  Relationships Export Setup option under Help to assist with relationship management and technical support.

Add2Outlook 2012-03-09 v4.27.0912 - 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2010 x64 Posted

This is a stability and speed enhancement for building relationships to Office 365, Exchange and any hosted Exchange Clients!
Issue addressed:  Takes too long to make relationships. Selecting another users mailbox will now be added to the cached folder list instead of rebuilding
Issue addressed:  Inconsistent operation. In 64 bit system or Windows 7, the database tables would not overrite on the install, causing problems with sync.  Tables are now dynamically created.
Issue addressed:  Message ID named property field can extend to allow for the extended Id sizes, eliminating duplication issues.
Issue addressed:  Folder Selection now has progress status of verification to better give visual indication it is doing something it needs to do and is taking time to communicate to server.

Add2Outlook 2011-11-02 v4.26.2912 - 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2010 x64 Posted

This is a SERIOUS speed enhancement for building relationships to Office 365, hosted Exchange Clients!

  1. Issue addressed: With A2O installed, could not access other mail stores. Moved logon session to allow PST, MAPI and etc. folders to be accessible again in Outlook 2010.

Add2Outlook 2011-11-02 v4.23.0111 - 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2010 x64 Posted

This is a SERIOUS speed enhancement for building relationships to Office 365, hosted Exchange Clients!

  1. Caching of hosted Exchange folder tree makes for easier and MUCH faster setup of Add2Outlook relationships

Add2Outlook 2011-10-27 1431 v4.22.2711 - 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2010 x64 Posted

This is a SERIOUS speed enhancement for building relationships to Office 365, hosted Exchange Clients!

  1. Fix: Passes license type correctly in order to select the folder type radio buttons
  2. Refinement: Folder Tree List is refreshed real time.
  3. Enhancement! Folder Tree is built once upon an initial selection of either source folder or destination folder selection.
    1. Enhancement! The Folder Tree View allows for folder tree view to be refreshed.

Add2Outlook 2011-10-19 0957 v4.22.1811 - 2003 / 2007 / 2010 / 2010 x64 Posted

  1. Licensing Forms improved.
  2. New Instances trapped so it can't step on itself.

Add2Outlook 2011-09-28 1039 v4.21.2811 - 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2010 x64 Posted

  1. Outlook 2010 x64 Installation Package Included as separate download
    1. 2007 and 2010 packages will run on XP and Windows 7 as 32 bit add-in.
  2. Folder Tree View for selecting source and destination folders for relationships.
  3. Rebuild Relationships Tree View after licensing is completed does not require dropping the form.
    1. Add-In Option page locked and information message is displayed while the licensing form is active.
    2. Unlicensed Alerted Relationships will reflect the number to successful license the amount of relationships purchased.
  4. Help Tool Strip Menu Button – displays chm installation guide.
  5. Default New Relationship is set to Overwrite and Overwrite for Conflict and Copied Resolution - unidirectional relationship.
  6. Program Files folder created at install along with an installation guide shortcut there and on the desktop.
  7. Not Licensed and Not In Trial resolved to say "Trial Not Started" and avoid confusion.

Add2Outlook 2011-09-08 1345 v4.21.0811 - 2003 / 2007 / 2010 Posted

  1. Windows 7 x64 Environment installs and registers correctly, supported combinations include
    1. XP – OL 2010
    2. XP – OL 2007
    3. XP – OL 2003
    4. W7x86 – OL 2010
    5. W7x64 – OL 2007
    6. W7x64 – OL 2003

Add2Outlook 2011-09-07 1223 v4.21.0611 - 2003 / 2007 / 2010

1. Windows 32 or 64 with Microsoft Outlook 32 or 64 Installed Accepted

Add2Outlook 2011-09-01 1026 v4.21.0111 - 2003 / 2007

  1. Windows 7 x64 Supported Products Install (SSCE and VSTO plus .NET v3.5)
  2. When Installing – Prefer in all cases which this applies to Right Click the Full and Install as Administrator.  This avoids requirement to disable UAC
  3. Windows 7 x64 with Outlook 2003 Add-In Installs without user intervention and correctly.


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