Remote Support Options


First-time new trial installations: Purchase a Proof of Concept PoC Trial Install Remote Session here.

For a single priority support session, covering up to 1 hour of remote/phone support in one session, purchase Single Priority Remote session here. Single session support is time-based, rather than incident-based and covers up to 1 hour of remote/phone support services in one session. Third party product support, migrations, moves/reinstalling on new machine require Premier Support.

For Premier Support, purchase a block of Premier Support hours here. Premier Support covers remote/phone support for a block of time - up to 2, 4, 8,  or 15 hours. Premier Support is time-based, rather than incident-based. It's not a Use It or Lose It type plan. Any remaining time after your session is completed doesn't expire until it's used up. 

Migrations/Moves/'Start Over' Support: If you are planning an Exchange migration, moving Add2Exchange to another replication machine or doing a startover/reinstall of our software, a preflight tech phone consultation is needed beforehand and Premier Support is required for the DidItBetter Software side of the migration/move remote session: Buy a block of Premier Support hours. Tool licenses may be needed if you haven't yet licensed these. If you have already licensed the tools or need to license essential tools ToolKit and Recovery & Migration Manager, read this migration/move topic


Remote Support

If you have an urgent issue, or an issue which can't be resolved through basic email support, or you simply want an expert pair of eyes on the issue, then our Premier Support remote services are for you. 

Service Overview

PoC Trial Install single sessions and Premier Support provide you a scheduled timeframe with a DidItBetter Software support engineer who remote into the system to work on your ticket. Remote sessions may be used for trial installations, updates, on-boarding/off-boarding user sync relationships, relationship modifications, basic Level 2 troubleshooting.

With our PoC Trial Install session or Level 2 Priority Remote Session, you receive one single session covering up to one hour of remote/phone support . Any third party product support, migrations, moves/reinstalling on new replication machine require Premier Support.

  • First time, new trial installations (excluding migrations, moves, 'start-overs' which require Premier Support)
  • Build updates on same replication machine licensed (excluding migrations, moves, start-overs)
  • Basic configuration and diagnostics check
  • Basic troubleshooting of Add2Exchange or Add2Outlook related functions
  • Relationship set up or relationship setting modifications
  • Verification of problem resolution

For tickets requiring more time than 1 hour of remote/phone support or multiple sessions, you will need a block of Premier Support. In addition to the above, Premier Support covers:

  • Performance of functions affecting availability of service other than Add2Exchange/Add2Outlook, such as server reboots
  • Add2Exchange configuration beyond what is required to verify functioning (e.g. configuring more relationships than is required to verify sync)
  • Migration, moves, start-over support
  • Crossgrade support, transitioning from one DidItBetter Software app to another DidItBetter Software sync app or our Virtual/Hosted DIB Sync service
  • Remote/phone support for Virtual/Hosted DidItBetter Sync users
  • Troubleshooting of third-party products, if needed*
  • Exchange Server troubleshooting, if needed*
    *Evaluated on a case by case basis.These other third party product services may be covered under higher level IT service plans if you don't have an IT managed services provider to provide these services for you, or depending on the issue may be easily resolved/covered under one of our DidItBetter Premier Support plans. Open a ticket online.

Before Your Appointment

Get ready for your session by following these steps. 

Trial Installs

If this is a first time, new install, make sure UAC is off (in the registry, not the GUI - see install guide) and the replication machine is fully patched from Microsoft Critical updates and rebooted. At the scheduled time, log in as the A2EService Account or A2O service account on the replication machine and make sure part of local administrators..

Set Expectations with End Users

In general, there is a significant possibility we will need to make end user visible changes to the contents of synchronized folders. If we are performing normal upgrades, there is usually no visible interruption in synchronization. If we are performing a major version upgrade or migrations/moves, there is typically a period of several hours where the entire contents of folders which are the destinations of relationships become unavailable to end-users. Server reboots are not typically required, provided you have performed Microsoft updates prior to the support session. However,  be sure to identify the next available window for maintenance should a reboot turn out to be necessary.

Verify Minimum Prerequisites

Make sure you meet all of the prerequisites and requirements of the DidItBetter Software app. Be especially aware of disk space and service pack level requirements. Product Documentation - All Guides

Check and Apply Microsoft Critical Updates for all Microsoft Products

DidItBetter Software certifies its software on the latest available Microsoft updates at the time of release.* Make sure you are running the latest updates for the most reliable experience. Updates which require a reboot and have been applied without yet rebooting the system must have the reboot completed prior to the appointment time.

*Note: If your licensed edition has been retired, contact us for your DidItBetter Software crossgrade options.  

Download Applicable DidItBetter Software Updates

Only DidItBetter Software end users with valid software assurance are eligible for build updates and upgrades to new builds of the licensed product.

Check the Downloads section for the latest version the day before your appointment. DidItBetter Software reserves the right to reschedule your appointment time if you do not have the latest version downloaded beforehand due to potentially long download times. Downloads Area

If your software assurance expired, you also need to reinstate your software assurance/buy an upgrade license before your session takes place - contact us by email for your options. Not sure if you're expired? Send us a message on live chat or by email, and we'll check your software assurance status. Note: If your licensed edition was retired, we'll send over your DidItBetter Software crossgrade options.  

Perform Backups

Do a routine backup of all the installed data. Make sure you have a backup of your data prior to the session. See Backup Tip:


Initiating Your Appointment

Open a Ticket Online to Schedule a Session 

For those on Premier Support, Annual Support or if you purchased a Level 2 single session, sessions are held by appointment weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm ET (last appointment time at 4 pm), excluding holidays. After you open a ticket online  requesting to schedule a session, Customer Care team will reach out to you to set an appointment time. 

Join a Session 

At your session time, the DidItBetter engineer working your ticket will email you to a session to join in order to instantly connect and remote into the replication machine to resolve your issue and save the day! 

Go to and wait for your session, or connect to the one with your Company Name in it from the replication server as the service account.  If it is blocked on the machine, you can save it as a trusted site, or connect from a workstation and then RDP into it. 

Call In at Your Session Time or Email Back

At your scheduled time, call in to (813) 977-5739 or International +1 (813) 977 5739 and ask for the DidItBetter Software support engineer working your ticket, or reply back to the email you were sent and our engineer will take it from there.
We make every effort to keep scheduled appointments, however sometimes a session scheduled prior to yours may run a little longer than planned and we may need to delay/reschedule to a later time or another day.