Technical Support Line Up


Need Support on a DidItBetter Software product? Open a Ticket Online

We offer several levels of support outlined below. 

Basic Email Support

Your licensed product includes software assurance which covers updates and upgrades for the duration of your software assurance term (1, 2, or 3 years) and basic email support on the licensed solution for accounts in good standing. Email tickets are answered on a first come, first serve basis. Basic email support does not cover third party product support, migrations, moves/reinstalling on a new replication machine, Outlook custom forms, customization requests, remote/phone support, training, email support requests escalated to remote support for resolution; for non-covered email support issues, we offer Premier Support. All accounts must be in good standing to enjoy the free email support benefit; it is Management discretion on whether to provide email support for accounts not in good standing.

If you prefer to resolve your issue with basic email support, submit a support request online to open a ticket.

If you have time left on Premier Support and need to schedule a remote session, our DidItBetter Technical Support team is available by appointment weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm Eastern Time, excluding U.S. holidays. Weekday after-hour support up to 10 pm ET (last remote appointment at 7 pm ET) may also be arranged by appointment scheduled several days in advance. To schedule a session, submit a support request online.

Our certified DidItBetter Software Support team work with Premier Support clients before email support.requests. On average, it takes 2 to 4 days to resolve issues by back and forth email support compared to faster resolution with Premier Support via remote.

If you require more immediate assistance, you can be "up next" with a Premier Support plan. We offer several enhanced fee-based support options listed below. If you are new to supporting an end user's DidItBetter Software sync product installation, we recommend Premier Support or a priority single session so one of our techs can remote into the replication machine with you to also provide a product orientation and familiarize you with the end user's sync configuration. You can place your order for the preferred  Premier Support option on our online store, or if you're not sure what you need, contact our Customer Care team weekdays between 10 am to 4 pm ET at (813) 977 5739.  If the designated technical contact changes in your organization within the software assurance term and re-training is required for transition purposes and proper operation review, onboarding and offboarding, a Premier Support or priority single remote session is highly recommended.

OPTION 1: Block of Premier Support

With Premier Support, you have a block of remote/phone support hours (up to 2, 4, 8, or 15 hours) you can use for help with DidItBetter Software solutions. This is not an annual agreement and the time remaining doesn't expire until it's used - it's not a "Use It or Lose It" plan. Sessions are held by appointment and one of our techs will remote into your system to help you with installations, updates, upgrades, relationship set up, troubleshooting, training,  'startovers', migration/move support for a DidItBetter product.

Top Benefits of Premier Support

  • When we get involved we shorten the time to issue resolution significantly compared to if you do it on your own or through back and forth email support. You can just sit back and relax, let us in, watch us, let us train you. You do not give us any login credentials to do it.  We can bill the end user or the support company.
  • Premier Support is more cost effective than purchasing individual single priority support sessions. With the Premier Support in place, it takes us an hour to an hour and half to resolve most issues and re-certify your DidItBetter Software installation; migrations/moves take longer depending on the migration plan. For those with Premier Support, after the initial remote session, most have time remaining on account for future support requests. For any non-scheduled emergency support requests, the time is deducted at time and a half from your remaining hours.
  • Save on tools useful for Exchange migrations, DidItBetter Software moves and "start over" support:  Anyone with Premier Support in place is eligible for discounted tool licenses at 50% savings off the regular price. During your scheduled remote session, our techs will train you on how to use the tools and once the tools are licensed you can use as needed; the software assurance for the tools lines up with the software assurance of your licensed product. With Premier Support in place, Recovery & Migration Manager  license is only $125 (reg. $250), ToolKit  license is only $125 (reg. $250) or license both tools for $250 (reg. $500).  Tools Overview  NOTE: If you purchased a value bundle, Recovery & Migration Manager and ToolKit were included. 

Grandfathered rates apply: Once the Premier Support time is used up or if extra time is used, you would buy another block of hours at the same rate within three days. Or, you may be billed at currently published hourly rate to cover any extra time used if you're not ready to buy another block of hours. Premier Support may also be used After-Hours support up to 10 pm ET and billed at time and a half off for every hour.  

Our most popular Premier Support is the 4 hour block  which covers up to 4 hours of remote/phone support services. We also offer larger blocks of time (8 hour, 15 hour, 20 hour) for anyone who prefers more support hours on hand or needs other Microsoft or third party issue resolution support services such as Microsoft operating system, Exchange Server, IIS, Active Directory, SQL, Sharepoint, Microsoft CRM, security and communications, and/or network support issues if your IT vendor is unavailable.  

2 hour block of Premier Support for $275 Buy Now
4 hour block of Premier Support for $399 Buy Now
8 hour block of Premier Support for $720 Buy Now
15 hour block of Premier Support for $1305 Buy Now
20 hour block of Premier Support for $1699 Buy Now

TIP: Both the Recovery & Migration Manager and ToolKit essential tools are included in most of our value bundles. 

Add2Exchange Recovery & Migration Manager (RMM)
with 4 hour block of Premier Support
for $525
Buy Now
ToolKit with 4 hour block of Premier Support for $525

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Add2Exchange Move/Migration Bundle with 4 hour block of Premier Support:
Includes discounted Add2Exchange Recovery & Migration Manager and 
ToolKit tool licenses,and a 4 hour block of Premier Support
for $595 (sold separately $1049).
This option includes a free license transfer to the
new replication machine and discounted
\tools for $250 (regular $500) when
purchased with Premier Support.
Buy Now 


Before a migration/move, open a ticket online to request a preflight phone consultation. When planning a migration or if you need after-hours support, schedule your appointment at least one week in advance and contact us PRIOR to the migration of mailboxes. Migration/move/conversion support requires Premier Support.

Premier Support Member Only Savings!

DidItBetter Software licensed end users with Premier Support and valid software assurance qualify for discounted pricing on any essential tool(s). If you purchased an Add2Exchange value bundle, both tools were included in your order.

  • Premier Support Savings for Add2Exchange users! Follow this link to get the discounted tool Recovery & Migration Manager (RMM) tool when on Premier Support: $125 (reg. $250)  Buy Online  
  • Premier Support Savings for Add2Exchange or Add2Outlook users! Follow this link to get the discounted tool ToolKit when on Premier Support $125 (reg. $250)  Buy Online
  • Premier Support Savings for Add2Exchange users! Follow this link to get the discounted tool bundle, both ToolKit and Recovery & Migration Manager when on Premier Support: $250 (reg. $500) Buy Online


OPTION 2: DidItBetter Annual Support Plan

The DidItBetter Annual Support Plan covers DidItBetter product support on the licensed product for one calendar year. This plan is different from your Software Assurance, and the Annual Support plan covers remote/phone support on a single DidItBetter Software installation. Our techs can assist you with updates, relationship set up and modifications, the DidItBetter Software side of an Exchange migration and replication server move support. Annual Support Plan sessions are held by appointment during our normal business hours between 9 am and 5 pm ET (last scheduled appointment at 4 pm ET), excluding U.S. holidays. For Business Critical and or emergency, after hours support is also covered under this plan for a period of 10 hours, and would then require a renewal. Prerequisites: an active DidItBetter Software product license with valid software assurance and Tool licenses. Plan Price: $2100 for 1 year.

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OPTION 3: Level 2 Single Remote Support Session  

A certified Software Support team member will connect to the end user’s system for new, first-time DidItBetter solution certification and installations, updates/upgrades, creating, modifying or fixing relationships (aka Relationship therapy), for the reported issue. Up to one hour of remote/phone support services are covered under a Level 2 single session during our normal business hours.

This single remote session may be useful for troubleshooting a new first time 'Do It Yourself' installation, and/or quick "replication system recertification" diagnostic or for Relationship therapy. 

Proof of Concept Single Remote Session for New Trial User for $199
One of our engineers will remote in to the replication machine to assist with your DidItBetter Software 'Proof of Concept' trial installation. We will use our (or your) remote control software to install and configure the relationships while consulting and training you on best practices, folder relationship replication settings, and the norms for your configuration. The PoC trial install is actually us certifying your install for a ready to go live once licensing is purchased. You will have a general understanding of the product, and we will set any of the permissions needed to make it easier to manage, Sessions are held weekdays by appointment during our normal business hours, excluding U.S. holidays.  
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Single Priority Session for $199
A Priority session covers up to 1 hour of remote/phone support in one remote session and is scheduled same/next business day
or first available appointment weekdays during our normal
business hours, excluding U.S. holidays.
Not valid for After Hours or Emergency Support requests.
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After-Hours Single Priority Session for $350
This after hours remote priority session is scheduled
same/next business day or first available between
5 pm and 9 pm ET, excluding U.S. holidays.

Call to Purchase

NOTE: Level 2 single sessions do not cover third party product support issues,Exchange/Add2Exchange migrations, moving Add2Exchange or Add2Outlook to a new replication machine,DidItBetter Software conversions/crossgrades (Add2Exchange to Add2Outlook,  Add2Exchange to Add2Exchange 365), customization requests, Outlook custom forms. Premier Support is needed and often DidItBetter Software's migration tools.

To purchase any of the Support options above, shop online or call Customer Care at (813) 977-5739
weekdays between 10 am and 4 pm ET to complete the order.
While we have you on the line, we can also help schedule a session appointment.

Initiating Your After Hours Support Appointment

If you have purchased and scheduled an after-hours support session, in order to get through to you and connect for the session, at the designated time, please call (813) 977 5739 and select the page-a-tech Support for emergency support OR if a tech has been assigned to your case, then enter the tech's extension.  Make sure you have valid software assurance in place for your licensed solution or if you're not sure, email info[at] to find out your software assurance information. Be sure to be have done all Microsoft Critical updates on the box and rebooted prior to connection and be logged in as the Service Account.  We guarantee our software will work with the current Microsoft critical service packs in effect at the time, so please make sure this step is complete to avoid delays and speed issue resolution. 

Remoting into the System

We use several methods to connect to your system. Ask the DidItBetter Software technician assigned to your case which is the preferred method:


Thank you for using our DidItBetter Software solutions.