*Bulletin ID* A2E_223
*Last Review* 11/12/2012
*Revision* 1.0
*Previous IDs* None
*Obsoletes* None

Add2Exchange Critical Update Notice


Any Add2Exchange Enterprise Licensee or Trial User experiencing the following:

  • High CPU utilization with a high wmiprsve.exe CPU utilization which effectively maxes out the CPU to 100%.  This has been fixed in version 14.11.1369.476 and later, available from the site.

Any Add2Exchange Standard user experiencing the following:


For those with Add2Exchange Enterprise this is a critical fix.

For those with Add2Exchange Standard using version 9.4x (so far) this upgrade is a critical fix.

These recent enhancements address many user specific configuration issues uncovered by our user base, code optimization, feature enhancements, any changes required by Microsoft critical updates, and other miscellaneous improvements outlined in the current release notes.


Check to see if things are okay with the Add2Exchange System by identifying how it is working when you first log in: How Add2Exchange Works.


If you are on a Premier Remote Support Agreement, please schedule a remote support session at your earliest convenience. It should take about 20 minutes to complete.

Enterprise Edition: Recent changes to our program and the Microsoft Environment we run in has caused a problem with basic sync operation.  We have recently release an upgrade.  This has been fixed in version 14.11.1369.476 and later, available from the site. This new release if FREE to licensed users with a valid Software Subscription in place.  How to check:

Obtain the upgrade file and upgrade by following these instructions: http://support.diditbetter.com/kb/A2E_194.aspx

  • Note: Upgrading without a valid software subscription will require the current version upgrade purchase before replication can continue.

Important Note: Please check your software subscription date prior to installing the upgrade.  This way, if you have an expired software subscription and do not agree to the Current Version Upgrade pricing, you are not charged to re-license it in order to make the software continue to replicate, or be charged for our technical support to try to revert you to a prior version.  Downgrading is simply not recommended due to the changing technology and we do not guarantee it can be done.  Please check first or call one of our representatives for Current Version Upgrade license specials not available on the web.

If you are not sure is this free upgrade applies to you, please check before upgrading.  Review the license email we sent you for the dates, or open the existing installed version of the Add2Exchange Console and look at the Software Subscription (maintenance) date in the licensing line or under Licensing/Status.  If you are still unsure or are unsure which edition you are licensed for, please call us prior to the upgrade.

How can I tell if we can get this version for free?


Not on Premier Support?  Want us to guarantee your system is certified and optimized?

  • Click here for Tech support options.

If you are licensed for Add2Exchange Standard Edition and wondering why you should crossgrade to the Enterprise Edition, or have not heard about it yet, click here for the reasons and ask about your special crossgrade pricing.

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Applies To

  • Add2Exchange Enterprise
  • Add2Exchange Standard

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