*Bulletin ID* A2E_234
*Last Review* 06/25/2013
*Revision* 1.0
*Previous IDs* None
*Obsoletes* None

Calendar Destination Items are Showing Off by several hours


Calendar destination items are showing off by anywhere between 1 and 23 hours.


Inspect the source items and make sure they are made with the correct timezone.  If not, uncheck all day appointment, change the timezone, and then check all day.  The next sync should resolve the discrepancy.

Close the Add2Exchange Console. Upgrade to latest using the one button Upgrade from the Diditbetter Support Menu powerhshell.

If this happens for many items, you can set the system to resync all items after changing, but this should not be necessary. Changing the appointments should be enough to sync correctly the next time.  If not, Open the Add2Exchange Console

Select services, utility, Tools, Select the new checkbox to update all source items and apply.

Turn off all the other services except Calendars, and note the settings to change later.  Close the Console and select to NOT continue where you left off.  Start the Add2Exchange service.  Let the system sync one full calendar cycle

Then and only then open the Add2Exchange Console and go to Services/Utility and reset up the modules to their original settings.

The update all items switch turns off after you open the Console and you have to turn it off or everything will continue to sync down again and again, without regard to bidirectional edits.