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Dealing with a Potentially Corrupted Mailbox


How to deal with a potentially corrupted mailbox (example: Calendars).

We have been receiving errors, such as:

  • 10 entries typed in from Joe's Outlook failed while syncing to Tom's default calendar, but no errors were reported to other calendars. 
  • 1 entry typed into Tom's shared calendar failed to ALL related calendars.


One way to resolve this would be to test the calendar for problems.


1) Stop the Add2Exchange Service.

2) Export his calendar to pst AS the Add2Exchange Service Account.

3) Once exported, re-import into a test folder in the Add2Exchange Service Account.

4) Note the number of items in the source and compare to the total in imported.

5) If it is different, and less on the re-import, those items are gone.  If this is the case, you could export both to csv and compare with winmerge to determine which are bad.

Note: You wouldn't want to just delete all items in his corrupted calendar in his mailbox and then copy back the "good ones" to the main calendar without changing the Add2Exchange relationships to recopy (or that action would wipe out all of the calendars, including others that are in the full mesh).  

You would also have to use the toolbox to sanitize them and make originals, but we would handle that; however, there is a scenario we could do and it would potentially get it done.  This may not be the ultimate solution, just a patch.  

You can try to fix what's there in its location: http://www.msexchange.org/articles-tutorials/ these are client side instructions.  This link (part 1 of 4) also deals with mailbox corruption http://www.msexchange.org/articles-tutorials/exchange-server-2010/high-availability-recovery/eliminating-traditional-backups-using-native-exchange-2010-functionality-part1.html it is suggested you read through all four parts.  Do them for both affected users and let it sync after.  


You can try this:

1) Stop the Add2Exchange Service.

2) Close all of his connections.

3) Export the mailbox to pst as him.

4) Detach the old mailbox.

5) Make a new mailbox with his rights.

6) Import.

From there we would fix Add2Exchange with the Recovery and Migration Manager to repoint to the mailbox.

Applies To

  • Add2Exchange Enterprise
  • Add2Exchange Standard

Keywords: Mailbox, Corrupted, Calendar