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Adding a New User to the Sync


How do I add a new user to the Add2Exchange Sync?


It depends.  If it is a one to many relationship made with a "Relationship Group Manager" template, the best way to add a new user to the Add2Exchange Console is by making sure the service account has permissions and then adding them to the appropriate managed and template attached Distribution List. 

If this is a "one off" or one to one relationship with it's own rules, then make sure you have permissions and add the Relationship manually in the Add2Exchange Console.

To add to the Distribution Group
1) Open the Exchange Management Console or EMC.
2) Find the Distribution Group you attached the Add2Exchange Template to, usually starting with a "z" [such as zGalSync] and then add the new user.
3) Open up Exchange Command Shell and run the command to give "no mapping" permissions. 

Give Permissions:
The Powershell command to update all permissions for any and all new users is listed, but permissions to a single mailbox is also possible. These and other useful powershell commands are included in the extracted Download program.

       Get-Mailbox -Resultsize Unlimited | Add-MailboxPermission -User $User -AccessRights 'FullAccess' -InheritanceType all -AutoMapping:$false -Confirm:$false
Replace $User with our new sync service account.

TIP: For those with permissions to modify [Owner] the Distribution Lists, this can process be done from within Outlook.
1) Open Outlook.
2) Open the Distribution List from the GAL.
3) Modify the members as desired.
4) Save the Distribution List.

To immediately effect the change to the Relationships, simply stop and then restart the Add2Exchange Service.

OR Let Add2Exchange Do it for you automatically.

Add2Exchange will automatically make the relationship or removes the relationship based on the inclusion or removal from the Distribution List when the "Relman" (Add2Agent) Routine runs.  The frequency of this routine is set in the Services/Utility section within the Add2Exchange Console and defaults, and is typically set to once every 24 hours; however, this can be turned off (set to 0) or can be set to longer than 24 hours, like weekly.  Please make sure your setting fits the frequency of the changes within your organization. 

Once Add2Exchange is started, this is the process it follows: How Add2Exchange Works

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Applies To

  • Add2Exchange Enterprise Edition

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