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What to Expect for an Install


Some things to be prepared for when installing Add2Exchange for the first time. If you're a licensed end user and migrating to a newer version of Exchange or moving the Add2Exchange install to another replication machine, this topic does not apply -- review Migration/Move topics in the product guide.

You can follow the product guide to install it on your own. Or for help and to save time, one of our experienced technicians can install it for you - just ask about our DidItBetter Professional Services PoC Install - contact us for pricing.


Installing Add2Exchange isn’t like installing simple software since it requires special accounts and security groups, made from within Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange.

It is very similar to a Blackberry Server Installation.

With the required prerequisites completed by you, the typical installation generally takes one of our certified DidItBetter.com Support team members between an hour to an hour and a half. You're in control of the remote session at all times and we do not need any passwords. You'll need to be available when we start creating the folder relationships so we can walk you through how to do this and review the settings needed for the type of sync you're trying to accomplish.

Make sure you read the quick start guide and manual to understand how to create folder relationships, common settings, and usage scenarios since there simply will not be enough time to cover this during the installation session.

  • There are a few resources to review prior to the installation on how you were handling things before: Calendars Contacts
  • There is also a great resource for common settings and usage scenarios.
  • Our technical team will be following these procedures during the session. Please make sure the requirements have been met prior to the installation time.

Applies To

  • Add2Exchange Enterprise
  • Add2Exchange Enterprise 365 Edition
  • Add2Outlook

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