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*Last Review* 07/06/2011
*Revision* 2.0
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HOWTO: Making Add2Exchange Work in a Clustered Environment


Add2Exchange is cluster aware if you point the Exchange Server name and replicate to that server performing the Client Access Services (CAS) 

Installation Considerations

Add2Exchange can be installed on the Primary Exchange Server, on a member server (without Outlook installed), on a front end Exchange server, on the Blackberry Server, or in one of the the preferred locations, a bare metal server, a utility server without Outlook or to a (VMWare) Virtual Machine.  As of the writing of this bulletin, Microsoft does not support SQL on Hyper-V   You should not install Add2Exchange on a terminal server which is being used by Outlook terminals.

  1. Be sure to make a service account or use the same service account, with the proper credentials specified in the manual and log in as that A2E service account to install. 
  2. During the installation, be sure to specify the CAS Server name when prompted for the Exchange Server.  You will probably have to type the name manually. 
  3. Once installed, set up your relationships, license and make sure the relationships in A2E is set up as desired.
  4. Before closing the A2E Console and starting the service, if specifying the CAS Server, you must turn off the WMI over RPC check in System, Utilities, Status of required services, Do not test the Exchange Service.  Depending on the version of Add2Exchange you have installed, this checkbox to turn off the test may already be turned on automatically for you.


Applies To

  • Add2Exchange Standard
  • Add2Exchange Enterprise

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