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*Last Review* 02/15/2010
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ERROR: Add2Exchange Console verification of Add2Exchange Service FAILED for [SERVERNAME]


This message can be normal if you are syncing correctly. Every time you open the A2E Console, it stops the service and gives this message.

If items are not syncing correctly, Add2Exchange is not syncing and this event message may require attention. This message can happen after an Exchange Server Migration as well.


When this error message occurs, it is because the Add2Exchange Service account can not log on to the Exchange Server. This occurs for one of two reasons:

  • The A2E Console has been opened and the Exchange Server is down or your Exchange has been migrated to another server/version
  • The A2E account is not specified correctly in A2E settings


Server Down

If the Exchange Server was down, there would be another failure event immediately preceding this message in the Event Log when Add2Exchange remotely tests for Exchange Services and can’t detect them. If you do not have an event that says failure to detect the Exchange Services, go to the next tip. If you do, then make sure the server is up and specified in A2E as outlined below.

Account Name

The A2E Service Account Logon name should be the display name. It doesn’t absolutely have to be, but to make it simple, make sure you at least check how the Add2Exchange Service Account shows up in the GAL. In our Manual, if you named the account what was suggested, our example would be zadd2Exchange, with the Capitalization case not mattering here. Check in Active Directory for your Domain, find the A2E Service account, and go select the same name as the Display name and use this name in the next step.

To fix the service account name, go to the Registry, [Start/Run Regedit], and drill down to Local machine, Software, OpenDoor Software, Add2Exchange and look for the subkey that says ServiceAccount and change it to the A2E service account (i.e. zadd2exchange).

While you are in that registry key, make sure the Server specified is the simple NetBIOS Exchange Server machine name (i.e. 2007Mail). If the Server or Service account do not match in the registry, the system will fail to log on and the service will not start. Edit the Server Key to the new Exchange Server name, Save the key and close the registry.

If you are migrating from a 2000 or 2003 to a 2007 or 2010 Exchange Server, please be sure to give the new permissions to the service account next. Follow these instructions:


Once done, make sure you are logged in as the A2E Service account and go into the A2E Console and exit, replying OK to start the service when exiting.

Applies To

  • Add2Exchange Standard
  • Add2Exchange Enterprise

Keywords: Add2Exchange Standard, Add2Exchange Enterprise, Account Name