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Add2Exchange Start Over and Server Move Instructions


Important details on the Start Over processes.  The Start Over process is something that is typically only needed when recommended by DidItBetter Software technical support and is only necessary if using Add2Exchange version 3x or earlier.

What exactly is moving: http://support.diditbetter.com/Forums/Thread.aspx?thread=157&mid=2&pageid=1&ItemID=2&pagenumber=1#post315

Server Move Best Practices

  • TS Checklist: Add2Exchange Exchange Migration with Add2Exchange Staying Where it is
  • TS Checklist: "Add2Exchange Standard Migration" After an Exchange Migration with No Old Add2Exchange Installation (Exchange or Add2Exchange System Crash)
  • TS Checklist: Moving Add2Exchange Standard "Add2Exchange Migration" After an Exchange Migration with Old Add2Exchange Installation



It is always best to upgrade to the latest version and open the Add2Exchange Console prior to a Server Move (or Start Over).

First follow the instructions in Add2Exchange Technical Bulletin 194, Add2Exchange Short Upgrade Instructions available here:


Add2Exchange-only Moves

If you are doing a Server Move without a Start Over, then this is a good opportunity to run our database sanitization tool prior to the move. The sanitizedb utility is located in the download of the latest version of Add2Exchange. Double-click sanitizedb.exe to extract it to a subdirectory, then run sanitizedb.exe. Details on the sanitizedb utility can be found here:


If you are moving just Add2Exchange and not the Exchange server, then a Start Over is not necessary, because an Add2Exchange-only move does not affect the IDs of the folders or copied items. Start Over dereplicates (removes copies) of all of the data so that Add2Exchange can recreate the IDs of the copies (by making new copies during synchronization), so this is only needed when Exchange itself is moving and changing those IDs.

Exchange Moves

See these directions:


This process requires the Start Over tool and the Server Move tool. Always use the latest version of these tools.

The Start Over tool is a licensed tool which must be purchased from your account representative or our online store at:


Once you have a license, a Start Over can be done by opening up the Add2Exchange Toolkit (already on your desktop, installed with Add2Exchange) and selecting Start Over from the Paid side.

Once it has been selected, close the tool and start the Add2Exchange Service. Monitor and complete the start over as outlined here:


Then once the server move is complete, and you want to keep the relationships, you will need to repoint them to the new Exchange Server. Run the Recovery and Migration Manager located here:


Exchange Upgrades

If you are moving to a newer version of Exchange, please be sure to do the following configuration tips prior to the new installation to the new server:

Exchange 2007

Make sure your service account has the new 2007 Exchange permissions as detailed here:


The A2E Service account must now be part of the groups:

  • Exchange Organizational Administrators
  • Administrators
  • the local Administrators groups of the replication server and Exchange server
  • if this is a migration from 2003, then ok to be part of our old Add2Exchange security group (A2ESecurity by default)

but not part of the groups:

  • Domain Admins

You must also run the Exchange Management Shell command provided at the end of the manual section provided above.

Make sure the public folders you are replicating to or from or pivoting off of have the A2E Service account as the Owner and Folder Contact.

Open the A2E service account mailbox in OWA or Outlook first to activate the mailbox.

Remember that the Service Account cannot be hidden from the GAL.

Exchange 2010

2010 permissions:





Applies To

  • Add2Exchange Standard
  • Add2Exchange Enterprise

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