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*Last Review* 05/14/2010
*Revision* 1.0
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ERROR: 1001 Error During installation: The specified service already exists


This occurs when the user attempts to install Add2Exchange without stopping the Add2Exchange Service and uninstalling the older version first. Since Add2Exchange installs the Add2Exchange Service, the Add2Exchange Service must be stopped prior to the uninstall to avoid a reboot, and to avoid not being able to reinstall the new service.

Normally, you can stop the service, uninstall the old version then install the new one without a reboot. This tip will assist to remove the Add2Exchange Service manually if the Add2Exchange Service can not be removed or the program can not be reinstalled correctly.


While attempting to install Add2Exchange on a system that has already had Add2Exchange installed and not uninstalled correctly, the installer errors with the message:

The specified service already exists.

Then the installation fails.


Because of this issue, depending on the circumstances, you can try the automatic way to uninstlal and will have to reboot your replication server after the uninstall and before installing the new version.

To do this, before you uninstall, stop the Add2Exchange Service from Services Control Manager. Look in Task Manager to make sure the system has stopped replicating. There should be no Add2Exchange Service, A2E Director or A2ESP programs in memory prior to the uninstall.
Uninstall. Reboot, log on as the A2E Service account and then try to install. If this automatic process fails, you will have to manually remove the Add2Exchange Service and reboot.

Your relationships will remain intact after an uninstall and reinstall.

If this automatic procedure does not work, you may need to manually remove the Add2Exchange Service from windows after the uninstall of Add2Exchange (if even possible). If you have to manually remove the Add2Exchange Service, you will need to edit the registry and remove the key, normally located at:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Add2Exchange Service]
Open up the registry, [Regedit] Navigate to the key and remove the key. Reboot, then log in as the A2E Service account and reinstall.

In the future to avoid this, upgrade the system using these procedures:

Applies To

  • Add2Exchange Standard
  • Add2Exchange Enterprise

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