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HOWTO: How to Reduce the Performance Impact of Add2Exchange


Helpful tips on how to reduce the load imposed on servers by Add2Exchange.


1. Turn off antivirus filesystem scanning on the subdirectories where Add2Exchange is installed. Filesystem scanning has an enormous impact on the performance of Add2Exchange, slowing it down by 10x or more. Consult your antivirus software documentation for details on what else should also be excluded.  to do this. SEE THIS TIP to Exclude our Directories and supporting files: http://support.diditbetter.com/Forums/Thread.aspx?pageid=1&mid=2&ItemID=1&thread=71&postid=182

2. Make sure you have at least 2GB of memory on the Synchronization Server. Also make sure your server is not paging excessively due to lack of free memory. Open Task Manager and view the Performance tab. Verify that Available Memory is at least 10% of your total memory and that System Cache is at least 1.5 times of total memory. If either of these values is lower than suggested, open Start > Administrative Tools > Performance. Verify that you are not seeing sustained Pages/sec (the blue line). If you have a sustained Avg Disk Queue (the green line), you may have a memory issue as well. If you are seeing sustained Pages/sec or Avg Disk Queue, you may need to add memory to the system. Purchasing additional memory for a system is generally a low-cost investment that is also by far the best impact you can make on system performance, especially if you are running low.

3. If the Synchronization Server is not the Exchange Server, make sure the Exchange Server has as much memory as possible. We recommend (more than) at least 8 gigs of memory on a 2007 or 2010 Exchange Server, and 4 gigs for 2003.

4. Make sure there is enough disk space. After installing, it is recommended that the replication or Exchange server have at least 2 gigs of hard drive space to write temporary files and Exchange Transaction files. Do not run out of space or the Exchange Stores may dismount.

5. In the Add2Exchange Console/Service Utility page make sure the Performance is set to 2.

Applies To

  • Add2Exchange Standard
  • Add2Exchange Enterprise

Keywords: Performance, Antivirus, Memory