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6/16/2011 5:50:09 PM
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How to avoid duplication if I deleted an "alerted relationship" which I plan to remake?

Next time, please don’t ignore all the warnings and delete the relationships  - just use the Recovery an Migration Manager tool to fix any alerted relationships you plan to remake.  Buy Now

Next, just a suggestion, but take the “owner client access permissions” in Exchange Management Console EMC or ESM (of the boss who insisted they have them) and give them pub editor or editor instead – so this accidental deletion does not happen again.

Since you did delete the alerted relationships and can no longer fix them;

First Upgrade to latest edition of your version of Add2Exchange



Now you have to go into the A2E Console and select

Empty Trash from the Global Options

for it to force the deletion of the alerted relationships

Close the console and start the service and wait for a complete cycle



Then, you will have to manually clean up from Outlook the old users contacts shared folder – remove the contents of the folders from the older relationships. In your specific case,  you could delete the old destination folder and recreate it. Read the rest of this response before you do this, though.

TIP: If you are replicating to a nondefault folder, a folder you made which is only the destination of a relationship, you can delete the items manually because they are all copies.  But if that folder is also a source of a relationship, there may be originals in the folder so you can’t just delete them or delete the folder or you will lose source data.  In this case you will have to license the Add2Exchange Toolbox  Buy Now to use the Surgeon General to delete only the a2e copies, or get on a Premier Support for us to do it for you.   Also, all the support tools are half priced when you get on Premier Support.

In your specific case, you are replicating from public to private to a nondefault folder and these folders are not the source of relationships, so it will be relatively easy to clean up.

Open up an Outlook profile (not owa) with the Zadd2exchange service account

Then add the other users mailboxes

Remove all the items from the folders

Then go back into the Add2Exchange Console and remake the same relationships again.

And close the A2E Console and start the Add2Exchange Service if prompted or from Services Control Manager if you are not.

Wait a full sync and you should be back in business.

You always have free email support at /support-request.aspx and we will respond if you have issues you wonder about.  Let us know if we can do anything for you.

Also, this is also a great tool:



Also, see this tip on actually wanting to delete an alerted relationship you don't need.