If Add2Exchange was working and now it's not, post here.

3/30/2011 11:05:40 AM
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Since we installed the new version, one new person received duplicate (double) contacts and before the new version, it was correct.

The upgrade does not duplicate, and after our analysis, your problem was caused when just after you upgraded, you make a new relationship to a new users contact folder and she had previously manually copied all the contacts in there already.  She also had a few private contacts.

Since Add2Exchange does not deduplicate, it will put its own copy into her folder, causing the duplicate, one A2E copied and one which was there prior.

For this user, you have a few choices to fix this.  First, for this strategy, you MUST set her new Add2Exchange Contact relationship so that if the destination item is deleted, it is set to Recopy the original.  If you do this solution and do not have this setting, but have her relationship set to delete source items if destination item is deleted, or mark deleted, this strategy will not work.  TIP: You can temporarily change the options of the Destination Item Deleted resolution for a few sync cycles and then change it back to what you originally wanted later.   
Once you verified the Recopy option, stop the Add2Exchange Service and manually remove both copies of any duplicates and then start the Add2Exchange Service for a full cycle.  The right tied copy will indeed Recopy as the relationship specifies.  This strategy leaves her personal contacts alone in her folder.   If there are no personal contacts, or too many to deduplicate, you can just move THE DESTINATION CONTENTS (not the folder) to another Contact folder - (something like ZOLDContacts)  then sync again and provided you still have this relationship set to recopy deleted destination items, the right ones will copy back to her folder.  Then she can manually move her few personal contacts back into her contact folder, avoiding any duplication entirely.

The only other obvious resolution, with just a bit more work is to delete the Add2Exchange relationship and during the delete wizard, specify to remove destination copied items and start the Add2Exchange Service to let A2E remove all the duplicates.  Then from the destination folder manually delete any of the items in the destination folder which were manually copied and then remake the relationship once they are cleared.  

Hope this helps!