If this is your first time using Add2Exchange or you are upgrading or migrating, post here.

8/29/2012 2:13:43 PM
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TS Checklist: Location 5 Error Message - Add2Exchange Not Working


If on Opening Console for existing install which did work

Account hidden from the GAL

If on Opening Console for new install

If you are installing Add2Exchange on the Exchange server right after running the pre-installer in some instances It shuts down the address book and doesn’t start it back up and it will leave errors in the event log for address book

You will receive location 5 errors when opening up Console for the first time after SQL Installs

Also, when trying to do a logon test, it will fail with the network issues dialogue


Start address bookservice back up

Sometimes this does not work and a reboot is required.


If not on the Exchange Server and doing the Login Test, the Exchange Server does not evaluate – reboot the box

If still, check for Hosts file edit