If this is your first time using Add2Exchange or you are upgrading or migrating, post here.

8/24/2012 2:33:43 PM
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TS Checklist: Add2Exchange - Exchange Migration with Add2Exchange Staying Where it is


Clean Start without RMM Tools: How Do I Migrate Exchange Without Migrating Add2Exchange Relationships and Replicated Data

With replicated Data and RMM Tools

  • Do prerequisites on the new Exchange server
    • Run Preinstaller and Local Admin
  • Open Registry Set Server to new CAS Exchange (only after all accounts and pfs are migrated)
  • Save and Remove Old License Address
  • Open Console – if login, and get Console, close Console and Do not start service
    • If not, try login Test to get actual CAS Server Name – look to his outlook profile if not known
  • Open RMM
  • License RMM
  • Fix relationships until done, wait for apply notice – close RMM, make sure closed in TM
  • Run Add2Exchange Service, view TM for proper operation and view event log for success