If this is your first time using Add2Outlook or you are upgrading, post here.

8/24/2012 1:57:56 PM
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TS Checklist: Simple Install Full Add2Outlook


Questions to ask:

  • What product? Add2Outlook, any other sync product in play?
  • Do they manage their own exchange – at least have access to make changes
  • Where to install – Best to have a standalone replication workstation
  • Do you have an account set up
  • What kind of relationships?
  • Do you have blank destination folders?
  • What happened before? First time, Add2Exchange Standard, Add2Exchange Enterprise Edition installed, any other sync product in play
  • What’s happening Next – Set up Add2Outlook with no Exchange Migration
  • Where is it being installed?  On dedicated? What version of Exchange, UAC off?, Outlook off machine


Begin – Prep work

On the new Add2Outlook Replication workstation
If applicable, make sure to Turn off UAC
Update MS Criticals on Workstation and reboot
Turn off Auto updates, auto download and notify
Turn off power management on the NIC
Make sure that outlook is in the startup and it opens auto to the profile

  • Make a zlibrary and download Full Add2Outlook and Toolkit
  • Make an Outlook profile for zA2OSync in hosted
  • Give Full Mailbox permissions to the new za2osync  account for any users we are replicating to or from
  • Give owner permissions to any public folders we are replicating to or from
  • Make a profile in Outlook for the ZA2OSync Service account – online mode, noncached
  • Open up other mailboxes – Email accounts, modify, advanced, other, and add the users
  • When done, close Outlook and wait 5 minutes for permissions to take effect.
  • Open Outlook
  • We are now going to ratchet down the permissions so we can go into cached mode and not have to see all the mailbox folders we don’t need
  • For each user, give reviewer permissions (visible) to the users mailbox Right click the mailbox and properties, permissions, add the za2oSync account as reviewer.
  • Then for each user, give Reviewer permissions to any folders between the mailbox and the ultimate folder(s) we are replicating to.  On the ultimate folder (ie Contacts), Right click and give owner permissions to the za2osync account.  Do this for every mailbox and every folder we are replicating to or from.
  • Set the Outlook profile to do cached mode. Close outlook
  • Go to your web portal for your hosted account and remove Full Mailbox permissions to the Service account to each of the mailboxes. What will remain is just the permissions we set prior, and that is sufficient.
  • Wait 5 minutes and Open outlook
  • Verify that you can open the mailboxes and see JUST the folders we have given permissions to.
  • This concludes the optimal Outlook Configuration
  • Install Full Add2Outlook, right click and Run as Administrator if applicable
  • Install Add2Outlook Toolkit
  • Open Outlook and accept installation
  • Go to Add-ins tab and start to make relationships
  • Are the destination folders De-Duplicated?  Be sure before start the sync.
  • Caution, when you close the Add2Outlook Console after making relationships, the timer starts.  Stop the Timer from the Add-ins page tab