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12/2/2011 10:01:55 AM
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Transaction Rollbacks

Transaction rollbacks can happen for a variety of reasons.  This means something is preventing the system from making copies.


These can be caused by the source or destination folder is either hidden, disabled, probably not yet deleted,

or the service account is not part of the local administrators group of the exchange servers in your org

it could be the protocols for that user in exchange are disabled in EMC

the account has migrated to a new data store

and potentially we don’t have full access permission to one side or the other

or the service account doesn’t have ownership to the public folder

or the pivot folder

 one of the folders is in the process of migrating

one of the folders is replicating through Exchange Management to another mailbox or public folder server and constant replication has not been set on between those folders

there is mistakenly “per user read and unread” on a public folder or the pivot folder

We are replicating that pivot folder around incorrectly – turn that off


Any of this can cause “bad rows” in the database – so we check and remove them by running “Sanitize the db” to see from diags, tools

Older versions of Add2Exchange did not employ transaction processing.  Upgrade using this process for free if you are still under valid Software Assurance.

Once upgraded, do not open the Console, but run the process to sanitize the database first. Run this process.

Important note! If while running the sanitize db process there are any more than 0 “bad” rows in the database, please delete them all.

A big reason for transaction rollbacks are in a private to private relationship, you have the pivot folder full of items.  That folder should be empty and is safe to delete the items. It is often easy to do this with an Outlook profile to the A2E Service account.  Also with a pivot folder, Exchange could be replicating the pivot folder to another server.  Turn off Exchange pivot folder replication for that pivot folder.

Turn of “Per user read and unread” for the folder in Exchange Management Console and set the retention and age limits to 1 day for both.

Yet another reason is this could occur because there was an Exchange Migration or a new Exchange Server was added (2007 or 2010) without doing the prerequisites on the new Exchange server.  When running this utility, select the correct name of the A2E service account and select that it already exists.


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