If this is your first time using Add2Outlook or you are upgrading, post here.

5/7/2012 9:17:18 AM
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Add2Outlook Upgrade Instructions

Log on to the Add2Outlook Server

stop the sync from the Add-ins dropdown, stop the Timer
Close Outlook

First, we suggest doing your MS critical updates and reboot prior to the A2O upgrade, and Reboot.

Upgrading Add2Outlook is a relatively easy process which should only take a few minutes. Below we have listed a simple step by step guide on the upgrade process.

Verify that you have valid software subscription before proceeding

o The Subscription dates are listed next to your license key email we sent you and also available within the Add2Outlook Console.  Check to make sure you still have valid Software Assurance to verify you get this upgrade for free included in your Software Maintenance Subscription.

Make sure Outlook is closed before performing this upgrade

If you have a recent version, there will be a Diditbetter Support Menu icon on the desktop.  Run that and select the Upgrade Add2outlook.  If you do not, Visit the DidItBetter Download Center, to retrieve the necessary upgrade. Together or in preparation for remote assistance support, download and install the released version from here for your convenience: http://support.diditbetter.com/downloads.aspx

If you do not know your user name, try your email or support email or request pw reset. If you don't have an account or don't remember it, make a new one or please contact us to look it up for you

Choose the link for the version of Add2Outlook you have installed.

There is no need to remove the prior version of Add2Outlook.

To upgrade Add2Outlook

Close Outlook and install over the older edition

To do this, extract the downloaded zip file to your "zlibrary" or my downloads folder for Add2Outlook setups.

Right click the Full Add2Outlook installation file .... and run as administrator (if applicable)

It will automatically install the correct version of Add2Outlook for the version of Outlook you have installed.

Once done, the upgrade is complete

Open Outlook

The timer should automatically start in the Addins tab of Outlook. Verify by selecting the Add-ins Tab, looking for the button for "Timer Stop".  That means the timer is on and it will sync on the interval you have chosen.

To start syncing immediately, Press Sync Now.  
To make sure your licensing is valid, right click any folder and go to Properties/Add2Outlook.  Look at the subscription dates.  Once done, cancel the option, and the timer should start.

Release notes here: http://support.diditbetter.com/kb/A2E_3EB2.aspx

FAQ Add2Outlook here: http://support.diditbetter.com/add2outlook-faq.aspx

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