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4/18/2013 12:54:37 PM
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Recovery Of A Deleted Source Folder


If the deleted source folder is a public folder, usually you can just restore the public folder from Recover deleted items and then run the Recovery and Migration Manager Tool (RMM) to repoint the Add2Exchange Relationships to the recovered source folder.


Open Outlook as the Add2Exchange service account

Select option to Recover Deleted items from Customize (right click top bar, Customize Quick access Toolbar, show all commands, select Recover Deleted Items)

Run Recovery and Migration Manager tool (RMM) on the replication server. http://www.diditbetter.com/a2e-rmm.aspx


However if the deleted folder is a private mailbox folder, it could have been deleted and is still under the Deleted Items.  Restore it (move, don’t copy) and run Recovery and Migration Manager.


Occasionally the folder which was deleted was a public and when restored it is empty.

At this point a restore of a backup and run of RMM would fix it.


If a backup is unavailable, and if the replicated items are still replicated to a destination, we could use that as the source with the use of some tools. As long as it is not involved in a full mesh relationship (and is only one way) you could take the replicated data and “fix” it so it can become the source data. 


If the items are all within a destination and not the default folder, chances are all the items in the folder are the missing items. This process will outline how to make a copy of the folder, “sanitize it”.  In this case sanitize means we will be removing any original items created in that folder by the user (not the copies from the source), remove any source Add2Exchange items (if this is a source of another relationship) and only having the destination items remain. 

Note: this will not work on a full mesh relationship.


Once this process is done, you can use the contents of the folder to be copied to the original source folder and then start syncing again. 


Use Outlook logged in as the service account – not OWA

Open the users mailbox with the destination folder we will fix and make an original.


If the recovered folder is empty, or incomplete, make it empty so when we fix the relationships with Recovery and Migration Manager to that recovered folder, it will remove all the old destination items.  Make sure the relationships are set so source item deleted is to delete destination items.


Fix the existing relationships and remove destination items

Run Recovery and Migration Tool and fix the relationships 

Let Sync, which will remove the old copied items



Optional: Removing Autoplace Text in the destination items

If you used the autoplace text in the copy process, we will need to strip that off with the Add2Outlook Toolbox


Go to an Outlook machine as the Service account – not owa

Close Outlook

Download and extract the zip file.  Right click and Install the Full A2Otoolbox as administrator

Open it

Open profile

License it

Select change items

Select the folder

Type in the find text

Be sure to use a space after the autopop, like FC:  (FC colon space)

Do not put any replacement text

Select go, do it now, not on timer


It will remove all Autoplace text


Now to “Fix” the copied folder of items to become originals

Next, on the replication server, logged in as the zadd2exchange service account, open the Blue army knife called the Add2Exchange Toolkit

Make sure it is licensed

Select Inspector General from Free side

Pick the folder within the service account mailbox

Go to the Surgeon General


Select the checkboxes for A2E copy = T and Remove NP (not delete)

This makes the items originals


When Add2Exchange is done replicating, it should have removed all the destination items from the prior sync

Stop Add2Exchange Service


Copy all the items to the empty public folder

Start sync


This process made the copies originals, removed the autoplace text, repaired the relationships and will resync.