If this is your first time using Add2Exchange or you are upgrading or migrating, post here.

8/29/2012 1:43:24 PM
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TS Checklist: "Add2Exchange Standard Migration" after an Exchange Migration with No Old Add2Exchange Installation (Exchange or Add2Exchange System Crash)



Not actually a Move.  If do not Have Old Add2Exchange Server – Add2Exchange Crash, no Exchange Crash

  • Need to create or get the relationships list to manual use surgeon to remove old destination copies
  • Backup- Old folders Install Fresh Manually remove old destination copies in IG
  • Re Set up Relationships


Have Old Add2Exchange Server –No Add2Exchange Crash, Exchange Crash

  • Update Add2Exchange
  • Export Setup - TIP: This can be tough since some of the data may not have been restored, best to reset up relationships so they are destination copy deleted to recopy for at least 2 syncs
  • USE RMM to fix old relationships
  • Make sure Add2Exchange is licensed