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8/24/2012 2:56:50 PM
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TS Checklist: Add2Exchange Enterprise Edition Converting Single Relationships to RGM Template Relationships on the Same Server

When upgrading to Enterprise, you do not have to re-create the relationships in order for them to work correctly.  Enterprise can use single relationships created by Standard.  Although, to use it with the "new way" of syncing homogenous or the same types of relationships using the RGM of Enterprise, using AD Distribution Groups and Templates, you would have to delete the singles and re-create them.

Again, it is not necessary to convert them but you can after the upgrade if you wish to do so.

Additionally, if you have been exporting the GAL manually (or by some other process) and want to use the automatic GAL relationship function, you would remove the relationship(s) to your manually exported GAL folder, and either use a new folder or empty that folder to use the GAL function, and then make a GAL Template function to replace the manual export.  

Again, this does not have to be done immediately upon upgrading, but can be planned as Enterprise Edition will use the same kind of single relationships Standard made without issue.

In Standard edition, you can fill the GALCache with any contacts you want, including those from AD, but it is a manual process.  Enterprise edition will automatically extract the contents of the GAL, minus the ones you have excluded, and create the folder and contacts contents automatically, and you can make Template GAL relationships to go to the individual users.  You can also put small pictures attached to the GALCache contacts, and when the user calls from their numbers listed or send emails, those pictures will show up both in Outlook and on the phone.

Questions to ask:

  • Licensed for product? Add2Exchange Standard, Add2Exchange Enterprise Edition?
  • What happened before?
  • What’s happening Next – Exchange Migration?  Determines if in place upgrade or move is in order
  • What version of Exchange, UAC off?, Outlook off machine?
  • What kind of relationships to convert


  • Do Add2Exchange Upgrade  - may need license
  • Export Setup
  • Review to make sure all homogenous by using the find by “Existing Items”
  • Warn USERS of the change-
  • Delete all RGM Relationships which would be converted
  • Select to remove destination items
  • Licensed?
  • Close Console and turn on Add2Exchange Service
  • Let DeSync
  • Make new distribution lists – naming convention – if unique to DIB, Limit email in ESM
  • Add members
  • Look for Success Audits
  • After desync, check with IG for copies in source and dereplication
  • Make templates
  • Attach dist list
  • Console: Turn on Relman Services in Services Utility
  • Start Resync
  • Look for Success Audits
  • Set favorite to how Add2ExchangeWorks