If this is your first time using Add2Exchange or you are upgrading or migrating, post here.

8/23/2012 2:41:35 PM
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TS Checklist: Add2Exchange Simple Install Standard or Enterprise

Questions to ask:

  • What product? Add2Exchange Standard, Add2Exchange Enterprise Edition, Add2Outlook, any other sync product (blank destination folders?)
  • What happened before? Is this a First time install of Add2Exchange Standard, or Add2Exchange Enterprise Edition, or Add2Outlook, or any other sync product?
  • Have we replicated before with any of the products listed above?
  • What’s happening Next – Exchange Migration
  • What kind of relationships are we setting up
  • Where is it being installed?  On Exchange Server? What version of Exchange, UAC off?, Outlook off machine
  • Discuss ideal place to install Add2Exchange  - either VM or BES or Exchange, in that order

Where to Install?

You could install Add2Exchange on the Exchange Server, and often people do.  If you have another server, or virtual servers, the time to consider them is now.  Yes it can be moved, but it is kind of a pain to move it and to be smoothest, you will need some tools to do it better.  It is advisable to do a virtual machine or utility server install if possible with a fully patched 2008 Release 2: with no Outlook installed, not on a Terminal Server, or Citrix Server, and the utility server could be an aging Blackberry Server.

It is ideal to be installed on it's own server, with at least 4 gb memory single processor and 40 gigs of hard drive space with UAC (User Access or Account Control) off and rebooted.  This way we can manipulate the machine and optimize performance without regard to other constraints.  Again, normal installation is easy, you should have the Add2Exchange Service account as part of the local administrators of the machine you are installing it on and all the Exchange server(s) replicating to and from - even if it is Exchange replication.  The Preinstaller part of the install makes the user account if necessary and adds the account you specify as part of the local administrators group of the machine you are on automatically and the proper groups and memberships. 

Refer to the installation guide for the list of prerequisites.


Download Full Edition into a zLibrary dir/A2ESEtups and make shortcut on desktop to A2ESEtups, and potentially change auto download location for Service account.

Shortcuts to Best Tips for updating and understanding: http://support.diditbetter.com/kb/a2e_219.aspx


Log in to Exchange Server as Domain Admin with Exchange Org admin or Org Admin credentials

If 2007 or 2010 - Run 2007-2010 Preinstaller

If 2003 – Make account manually, memberships, Permissions to Public, Admin to servers

If prompted and UAC on, turn off and Reboot before continuing install

If Add2Exchange Enterprise Edition – make Dist lists – discuss naming – z_GALSYNC or Z_PUBCALSYNC, etc, add members, limit mail

If not on Exchange 2003 Exchange server and is installed on this box, Install Exchange MapiCDO

Then depending, reboot, Log off and back on as New Service Account to replication server
Or Log Off or MSTSC LocalHost  - Log on as Service Account
Install Add2Exchange FULL – Install SQL – if 2008 r2 manually Start SQL Service A2ESQLService and then retry
Open Console
Do License Request
Relationship Therapy  - are the destination folders empty, to avoid duplication?
Don’t have to invite anymore if calendars, has public folder contacts been manually copied?
Make Relationships
  If Enterprise Edition and using RGM, make Dist lists in Exchange, limit the email to
  Make Templates

  • For those with Private to Private relationships: Do Pivot folder optimization if have private to private
    • Take off per user read and unread

Set Limits on retention and aging to 1,1  no replication by exchange for pivot

Set and Explain Service Utility 
Set and Explain Global Options – Recurring Calendars

Make License.TXT in Zlibrary
If not already, Shortcuts to Best Tips for updating and understanding: http://support.diditbetter.com/kb/a2e_219.aspx

Have the Stop/Start conversation –
Turn off auto MS updates,
Stop before MS updates on this box or Exchange, Reboot after
Antivirus Active File Scanning Exclusions - If Antivirus Active File Scanning – Make c:\windows\mmp directory and Move MMP location  add all to Exclude List


Questions?  Visit http://support.diditbetter.com/support-request.aspx to fill out a ticket for support.