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4/2/2012 1:10:34 PM
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What are the differences between Add2Exchange Standard and Enterprise


I'm interested in syncing items from multiple public folders to our users' personal. One thing I’m not very clear about your product is the difference between the standard and enterprise version of Add2Exchange. What is your recommendation?



NOTE: Add2Exchange Standard edition was retired in 2015. We offer Add2Exchange Enterprise for on premise Exchange users or Add2Exchange 365 for on premise Exchange, Office 365/hosted Exchange. Office 365 hybrid.

Both editions can be set up to synchronize calendar, contact, and task folders; the Enterprise edition includes the Relationship Group Manager, supports posts and notes folder synchronization, and features the post-it notifier. If you are interested in synchronizing your active directory global address list to your users' personal folders for viewing on mobile devices, the Enterprise Contacts edition supports GAL Sync for Contacts and that license is included free with any Add2Exchange Enterprise Contacts sync bundle.

Both will accomplish what you want to do here, but Enterprise is the better choice. Enterprise is more flexible and with the Relationship Group Manager, you can build template relationships to make it easier and save time on creating and setting up the relationships, unlike in the Standard edition where you have to create each relationship one by one.  The tools surrounding Enterprise are also more advanced and can create faster support resolution times, depending on if you need them as well. Finally, all the relationships and settings are in the database, rather than the registry.  In short, the Add2Exchange Enterprise is our flagship product, is faster than Standard, and has a more aggressive development timetable, so it is the better option in many regards. The fact that it is only a few hundred more dollars makes it a good value.

For smaller installations of Add2Exchange Standard or Enterprise editions, you can license it based on the number of relationships needed (2, 10, 20, 50) and for larger installations or for those who don’t want to worry about ‘counting’ relationships as they add new users in the sync mix, we offer the Add2Exchange Enterprise unlimited relationship license. You may license one folder type or the sync suite (Standard Sync Suite includes calendars, contacts, tasks; the Enterprise Sync Suite includes calendars, contacts, tasks, posts, notes).  We offer license only options which include the license and a software upgrade assurance and email support package for 1, 2, or 3 years, as well as several value bundles which include the license specified, our two advanced add-on tools, 4 hours of remote/phone support services with one of our engineers, and the software assurance and email support package for 1, 2 or 3 years depending on the option you select. For a licensing recommendation, please email the type of synchronization you would like to accomplish and the number of users involved in the sync mix to: info [at] diditbetter.com

To view and or buy one of our Premier Support options visit: http://support.diditbetter.com/premium-support.aspx