Recovery and Migration Manager, A2E ToolBox and FolderMatic

9/8/2011 4:37:30 PM
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Recovery and Migration Manager Enterprise Edition Release Notes

RMM Enterprise Rmm-enterprise released 09-09-2011

Critical and mandatory update on prior releases:  this release or later

Fix: If user had created a relationship with the pivot folder as part of a normal source or destination, the RMM tool detects this and will put the relationship in alert for correction.  This condition can negatively impact replication times and should be corrected immediately.

Fix: If a user cancels the program, or is prompted to fix a relationship to a deleted account, it now handles this exception correctly.

Fix: If a user double clicks the parent folder while drilling down to the source or destination or pivot folder, this will not accidentally pick the folder.  A user must now pick the OK or select button. 


Advanced option for users who select the wrong folder during the Recovery. This option will turn off the ripple effect of picking the folder one time and so the user can fix the relationships individually.