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5/6/2011 2:52:39 PM
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How do I Migrate Exchange without migrating Add2Exchange relationships and replicated data

Q: We’d like to make a clean start on our new server, and as we only have 6 relationships to move, a migration seems messier. Perhaps best just to “start over” and re-setup the relationships. How much for that?


A: If you do not want to migrate the existing installation, you can do the following

Assuming there are no relationships in alert

You can delete all the relationships, select to remove all destination items, Close the console and start the add2exchange service. It will run the “desync” process and you will have no items in the destinations

then disable the add2exchange service on that machine.

Do your Exchange migration to new server,

if it is an Exchange 2007 or 2010 server, do the preinstaller, on your exchange server (even if you are not installing it there- and run as a domain admin or exchange admin) and specify the name of the A2E service account and be sure to select that you already have the account,



then log off as that account and log in to the server to install Add2Exchange as the Add2Exchange Service account, then install the Add2Exchange full version - either Standard or Enterprise

Then set up your relationships again

Then Request a license transfer

The small disadvantage to this method is that the data will not be available in the destination folders during the migration and you have to reset up your relationships, but it eliminates the migration process.