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8/29/2012 2:00:37 PM
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TS Checklist: Add2Exchange to Add2Outlook with the Old Add2Exchange Server Available


On Add2Exchange Server

  • Update Add2Exchange
  • If any relationships are in alert, download RMM and license
  • If Standard, consider to Alert all relationships from Toolkit directly in registry if recent sync
  • If Enterprise, and not all relationships are in alert, let sync or if they are,  go next
  • Run RMM to fix relationships if possible
  • Export the Setup and Save to remake relationships manually in Add2Outlook
  • For all relationships If not in alert, Delete all relationships, select to remove destination items
  • Let Run a full sync, no errors, if so stop and disable Add2Exchange service and sql


Go to Add2Outlook full install

  • Be sure to Make relationships  - be sure to select in Add2Outlook settings display to include other OpenDoor Software products so you don’t have to strip the sources as well