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8/23/2012 11:49:32 AM
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TS Checklist: Add2Outlook to Add2Exchange Conversion with the Old Add2Outlook Server


  • On Add2Outlook machine, Export setup – Save to new landing zone
  • If they did not already migrate, and relationships are not in Alert and just a few relationships: you could delete relationships and select to dereplicate
  • Do this NEXT STEP AFTER you have set up the Add2Exchange System and made the relationships to minimize downtime.  See the section
    • GET Add2Exchange Ready: 
      Or if already migrated, use or use Add2Outlook Toolkit for manual dereplication after the fact and avoid duplication
  • If relationships are in Alert – use Add2Outlook Recovery to edit and fix them first
  • Delete all Add2Outlook relationships individually, specifying to remove destination copies.
    TIP:  If you set Add2Outlook in Debug mode, a new option will appear at the top in the Addins of Outlook.
    To "start over" or remove all copies, select Add2Outlook Reset and start the Sync.  The time should and will remain off.
    • Or if the older system is not available or the mailboxes have migrated already, on the new system you will use the A2O Toolkit to remove all the A2O copies
      • Add2Outlook Copy = T  delete  Items for each destination folder
      • Add2Outlook Original = T remove Named Property

Before you go off of old Add2Outlook system, In Outlook, uninstall Add2Outlook or uncheck the Add2Outlook Add in in File/Options/Add ins.  uncheck Add2Outlook.

GET Add2Exchange Ready: 
On new Replication Server, Do Simple Full Add2Exchange Install: 
Add2Exchange Enterprise/365 PDF

  • Depending on what you did prior may need to Clean up, you may need to use the Add2Exchange Toolkit to clean up folders if migrated or not able to use A2O to clean up the A2O copies
    • Before setting up relationships, use the Add2Outlook Toolkit to Reset Products and remove the copies made by A2O by manual dereplication if necessary
      • Add2Outlook Copy = T  delete  Items for each destination folder
      • Add2Outlook Original = T remove Named Property

Then make your Add2Exchange template or single relationships.

To make sure the relationships are consistent, in the A2E Console/Utility, set Relman to once a day (so it makes the relationships) and everything else to OFF.  Close the Console and start the service.  After a few success audits, and one Relman Success, you can open the Console and inspect the relationships.  If they are to your satisfaction, you can then dereplicate the Add2Outlook.  Wait until it is completely finished with no errors before you start up Add2Exchange.  To verify dereplication, on the A2O machine, look to the Event Log for Open Door Software and notice errors.  To see if the relationships were deleted successfully, open Outlook and select the Add ins, Add2Outlook and inspect the relationships. There should be none in alert and all noted in the Relationships Deleted Folder in the Add in.  If so, you can disable the Add2Outlook add in and close Outlook. 

On the Add2Exchange Box, in the Registry, in the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\OpenDoor Software®\Add2Exchange\Profile 1 
   set the key to Include ODS Copy = 1 Include ODS = 1

License Add2Exchange
Have the Stop/Start conversation –
Do but then Turn off the auto MS updates, set to download and notify, then stop before MS updates on this box or Exchange
Reboot after

If any Private to Private relationships, set Pivot folder optimization
– take off per user read and unread
Set Limits on retention and aging to 30,30