If Add2Exchange was working and now it's not, post here.

4/19/2011 9:27:09 AM
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Some contacts are missing in the synched location


Some of the contact who are in the PF won't get replicated to the private contacts folder.
Is there to start to total resync of the folder?
removing and readding the relationships didn't help.
Creating a new PF and copying all the contacts into this new PF and the creating the relationship to thiw new PF didn't help neither...


4/19/2011 2:00:36 PM
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Re: Some contacts are missing in the synched location

This is a common issue when users think that Add2Exchange will copy a copy.  If you have a private to public relationship and then a public to some private, many users think the original item copied from the private to public should copy as part of the public to private relationship.  If you do have this kind of situation, then add a private to private relationship.   The original private item will show up through that private to private relationship.  Refer to this topic: http://guides.diditbetter.com/a2e-guide/typical_scenarios.htm

Before you try any of the following, open a support ticket so we can figure out what went on. 

Any advice given here is specific to a particular situation,  without proper analysis, and depending on relationship settings, unexpected things may occur including deleting source data.  Open a support ticket  please: Open a Ticket for DidItBetter Software Support 

It could be possible that some of the items in the public got copied from the destination of a relationship and they are tagged as copies.  As long as this folder is not the destination of another relationship, then you can delete the relationship set to the folder as source and/or destination, specify to remove destination items, and let run a full sync. 

To resolve, you can then do one the following things:

Most straightforward way is to remove the known copies, and then use the Toolkit, if licensed, to reset the items as originals, (or could have us do it for you as part of a  Premier Support session.

A less straightforward way to do  this is export the folder contents to file type csv, using Outlook, and then re-import to an empty folder and then set the relationships back up. The potential of loss of data makes this not an ideal option for exporting contacts because you can lose attached pictures and any other data.

Caution: Exporting Calendars can cause an issue because you lose the recurring items, so an "in place" strip of the copy flag is usually the preferred option.

To be complete, some Calendar or Task items may not be replicating because of a too small date range set within the relationship which would need to be widened if they were calendar relationships.  If they are recurring items, refer to this topic: Global Options

If no items are replicating, it could also be a permissions issue

Some Items not replicating - Review the Add2Exchange log for any hint as to which is the issue.  Submit a support case for the ideal answer in your environment.

If just some items are not replicating, there may be other things going on which are data related or relationship configuration options.

One Common Situation is if there are just a few Contact items not syncing, it is possible that this source folder is also a destination of another relationship.  If so, Add2Exchange does not copy a copy, so you may need to make another relationship or two from the original source to the destination folder.  We call this a full mesh relationship, or folder grouping, where anything anywhere gets copied: Learn more at http://guides.diditbetter.com/a2e-guide/folder_grouping.htm

Another common reason for some items not replicating is someone manually copied it into a source folder from a destination folder,  Items can be manually recreated or use of the Toolkit can be used ONLY if the folder is not a destination of a relationship.

Some Calendar items not replicating: Widen the days post to get more:  http://guides.diditbetter.com/a2e-guide/synchronization_range_from_today.htm

Another situation:  If the items which are not replicating are recurring Calendar items or if it is a birthday, then refer to this tip: http://guides.diditbetter.com/a2e-guide/recurring_appointments.htm

Another situation:  If no items are replicated to a specific user, it is possible that when originally making the relationship the setting to copy no existing items is selected.  This means that no existing items in the source will be replicated to the destination, only new items made directly in the source. the solution here is to delete the relationship and select to remove the destination items, close the A2E Console and let it desync whatever got copied, and then remake the relationship and select to copy all items.

Another situation:  If some items are not being copied from a private folder, it is possible that within the relationship you have selected not to copy private items: http://guides.diditbetter.com/a2e-guide/do_not_copy_private_items.htm

If you want to copy private items, uncheck this option.  If you do not use private items, it could still be left checked, and the user has the ability not to copy personal items around, which can be handy.

Another situation:  Sometimes users have left copies of items in the source folder which came to that folder as the destination copies from another relationship.  since Add2Exchange will not copy a copy, and ONLY if this folder is not the current destination of another relationship, you could clean the copy tag off of the items in place. 

To clean the copy tag off of the items IF and only IF this is not the destination of another relationship, you can surgically remove the tag with the Toolkit

This tool will make the copies seem as originals.  Be careful on this one, we recommend taking care of this under Premier SupportRemote Support Overview