If Add2Exchange was working and now it's not, post here.

2/7/2013 9:10:18 AM
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Some Calendar items not syncing - Calendar item missing: A2ESP Replicate Due Message Replied Tentative Acceptance Status


We have an appointment on a personal calendar that will not sync to the group calendar.

Also, it seems slower now synching than it did in the past.


If it is a tentative appointment, as an invite, it will not sync unless it has been accepted.

These messages will appear in the log:

A2ESP Replicate Due Message Replied Tentative Acceptance Status

After May 2012, no release will replicate tentative appointments.  This is a major upgrade.  We had found that users who got copies of tentative appointments and subsequently refused them would in certain circumstances, delete the original.  Upgrading to the current version creates these normal informational warnings in the Add2Exchange Event log.  They are normal.

We know that some users are relying on this functionality, and this is a major change. We feel this is a security breach and hole in the proper functioning of the product, going around the rules of replication, so this functionality is now core functionality in all the product line.

Accept the appointment and it will sync if the start date is within the recurring item date (Global Options) or within the timeframe prior and post of the relationship.

If it still doesn’t sync, recreate it and see if it does

If it does, then that non replicating item was probably a copy, and copies don't sync.

….. Or

it could be a recurring appointment outside the range of the recurring items setting in the program


This may be relevant, but substitute Calendars for Contacts - Items missing


Turn on Full sync on the phone:



As for the Slow replication:



Other less specific references but possible issues with devices and versions of software you are using to create the items.




Holidays are not syncing: