Add2Exchange Standard Edition Bulletin

Add2Exchange Standard was retired September 1, 2015 since it does not work with Exchange 2013/2016, or after recent MS service packs. For existing Standard Edition licensees: If you have done recent MS critical updates, your Standard Console may stop opening with a fail to log on. You will need to crossgrade to Add2Exchange Enterprise Edition, or if you plan to migrate to Office 365/hosted Exchange then the Add2Exchange 365 Edition. We offer a smooth Enterprise upgrade path if still on Exchange 2007 - 2010 or planning a 2013 migration, usually with no change in user behavior or change in experience.

If you are migrating to Exchange 2016, open a ticket online for a preflight tech phone consultation beforehand and for your Add2Exchange Enterprise crossgrade options. 

If you migrated to/planning to migrate to Office 365/hosted Exchange or an Office 365 hybrid platform, email License Sales at info[at] for your Add2Exchange 365 options. Also, open a ticket online to schedule a preflight tech phone consultation.

If you don't have a replication machine to install DidItBetter Software sync apps OR prefer a hosted option,  ask about our DidItBetter Cloud solutions - Virtual DIB Sync Server with Hosted Add2Exchange.

Add2Exchange Standard Edition End of Life Notice

Add2Exchange Standard Edition licensees: This is an end of life notice for Add2Exchange Standard Edition. Recent Microsoft updates may not be compatible with the Add2Exchange Standard edition you are running. Add2Exchange Standard edition may continue to sync, however the Microsoft updates installed may affect the Add2Exchange Console which may no longer open so you will not be able to make any changes to the relationships. If you are experiencing an issue opening the console after running Microsoft updates and if your software assurance is active, review your crossgrade options to retake control of your relationships. 

Since Add2Exchange Standard edition doesn't support Exchange 2013 or Exchange 2016, we determined to cease further development on the product related to third party product issues and focus our development efforts on our Add2Exchange Enterprise and Add2Exchange 365 Edition apps.. You can opt to continue using the Standard edition and we will continue to support any minor bug fixes (excluding third party product issues) in the duration of your software maintenance and it will continue to operate as long as you do not install Microsoft updates or migrate to Exchange 2013 (or newer).

Add2Exchange Enterprise does everything Standard does in a better way with more options and enhancements (refer to Top Reasons to Crossgrade below). During syncing, Add2Exchange Enterprise is much kinder and easier on your Exchange environment by even searching for delta changes, not just syncing only deltas. This Add2Exchange Enterprise crossgrade will benefit your organization with an easy in-place upgrade and re-license. Add2Exchange Enterprise can be installed on Microsoft Server 2003, 2008, 2008R2 and 2012 (Windows 7,8 without Outlook installed) and will connect and work nicely with Exchange 2016 (and prior versions). Exchange 2016 users: contact us for prerequisites and open a ticket online for a preflight phone consult beforehand. Add2Exchange does not have to be installed on the Exchange server and can work in any virtual machine environment as outlined in our product documentation. If you wish to move Add2Exchange, a fairly simple migration path is also outlined in the Migration tab above, and if you are on Premier Support, we can assist for a smooth migration.

Our value bundle crossgrade options include a block of Premier Support so one of our certified DiditBetter techs can remote into the replication machine to assist with Add2Exchange  installation. Our tech would remote in to the replication server as your Add2Exchange service account and assist you with this crossgrade, and re-certify your replication server, provide any information “relationship therapy” needed, and cover any best practices training you may need. Remember, you never have to give us any credentials and you are total control and viewing our progress together. 

Top Reasons to Crossgrade to Add2Exchange Enterprise

  • Standard edition may not work, eventually after a Microsoft update.
  • Add2Exchange Enterprise Edition uses a much smarter sync engine, which is typically 2/3 faster; with much less strain on your Exchange servers.
  • Recent changes to the service control manager make it more stable and responsive.
  • Better Exchange resource management.
  • Allows for in place upgrade.
  • Better memory management.
  • Optimized queries.
  • Ability to use local or remote SQL.
  • Console enhancements - automatically asks to start service on close of Add2Exchange Console.
  • Add2Exchange Enterprise edition supports on-premise Exchange 2013, Standard edition will not. If planning a migration/move, end users with active Premier Support in place are eligible for discounted tool licenses; please review the migration/move topics | Exchange 2013 migration topic. You may need to license the tools – ToolBox, Recovery & Migration Manager, A2OToolKit to ensure a smooth migration if you haven’t yet licensed the tools.
  • Add2Exchange Enterprise also supports Exchange 2016. Open a ticket online for prerequisites and to request a preflight phone consult beforehand.  Our Add2Exchange Enterprise 365 edition also supports Office 365, hosted Exchange, Office 365 hybrid platforms.
  • One of the more popular features of Add2Exchange Enterprise is the ability to use Exchange Distribution Groups and create relationship templates, attach to the group to make and remove relationships automatically based on the inclusion or exclusion in the list. Adding new relationships is done by adding users to the distribution group. The next time Add2Exchange Enterprise syncs, it creates each relationship and can even create new folders for you, if necessary. Group relationships allow you to manage large number of relationships on an on-going basis through relationship templates and distribution lists. Additional information: Relationship Group Manager 
  • Add2Exchange Enterprise Contacts or Sync Suite Feature: Unidirectional GAL Sync. If you decide you would like to sync your active directory GAL to your users for viewing on mobiles and for caller ID recognition, the Enterprise edition supports GAL synchronization.Another benefit of the Add2Exchange Enterprise Contacts or Sync Suite Edition is the automatic replication of the Global Address List. Global Address List synchronization allows you to treat Outlook’s Global Address List as the source of a relationship, to be synchronized with one or more destinations. The contact information from your active directory (primary fields, and just a few custom fields), once populated in the GAL cache public folder or resource mailbox and the relationships set up for your users, would sync down to the selected users’ personal folders. To initialize GAL synchronization, you would use a public contact folder or other source such as new private mailbox folder or resource mailbox dedicated for caching the GAL or replicated source contents.  Related topics: GAL Sync Manager feature overview  |  GAL Sync Relationships | Initializing GAL Sync |GAL Exclusions
    The GAL sync license requires an Add2Exchange Contacts license, so make sure you have enough Contact relationships licensed to cover the public to private relationships needed to complete the set up. For a license recommendation, email info [at] with the end user company name and number of users)


Platform: On-Premise Exchange 2016 (or prior) and not planning to migrate to Office 365/hosted Exchange

Select an Add2Exchange Enterprise Edition Value Bundle which includes crossgrade licenses specified, migration tools, and a 4 hour block of Premier Support.


Platform: On-Premise Exchange 2016 (or prior), Office 365 / hosted Exchange, Office 365 hybrid

Select an Add2Exchange 365 Edition Value Bundle which includes crossgrade licenses specified, migration tools, and a 4 hour block of Premier Support.


Not sure what you need? Email info [at] for a license recommendation. Include the end user company name so we can review our licensing records, and let us know what type of sync you're trying to accomplish and for how many users, and let us know whether your sync needs have changed from what you had before.

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