Welcome to the new DidItBetter Support Site! 

We hope this site dramatically improves your support experience with DidItBetter Software.  We’ve taken your feedback and designed this site with the goal of eventually putting all of our online support resources under one roof, as well as providing new and important resources such as:

  • Support Forums
  • Live Chat

In addition, we have other new resources slated for the coming months, but we don't want to drop any spoilers!

The same remote support resources that you have had in the past are available from the menu bar up top.  If you are looking for the remote support executable, go to Remote Support.

Some resources, such as the Technical Bulletins, are not yet available here, but are in the works.  They are still available on our existing site.  All support resources will eventually migrate to this site.

This site is an entirely new piece of infrastructure and does require a separate registration from our existing site.  However, the good news is that this site supports OpenID registration, which allows you to use an existing OpenID provider such as Google, AOL, Yahoo!, MyOpenID or others to provide your registration information for you.  OpenID is convenient and secure, and you will be informed and in control of the information which is used to register on this site.

If you do not want to use OpenID registration, you are free to peruse the site without logging in, or to create a new account through the normal registration process.

Please visit the forums and let us know what you think!


DidItBetter Support

Thursday, October 29, 2009 1:58:24 PM
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